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Brittany Kichton

Originally a tomboy from the Carolina’s, Brittany’s love of hunting began after being invited to Texas for her first whitetail hunt while holding the title of Miss North Carolina USA in 2011. Brittany graduated from North Carolina State University with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and returned to her alma mater to complete her Masters in Animal Science. Following Undergrad, Brittany moved to Charleston, South Carolina to pursue her own business ventures while also spending much of her free time enjoying various DIY hunting adventures and offshore fishing activities.

Brittany met her husband in Alberta, Canada while on a wolf hunt in 2016, ultimately causing this Carolina girl to relocate from the beach to the great white north. To this day, Brittany uses her education to create premium wildlife habitat for many species, including whitetails, elk, moose and a few other critters on her properties in Alberta.


Kalen Lenz

I grew up in NE Iowa, hunting and fishing with family and friends. Today, I live in Southern Iowa with my 4 year old white lab and enjoy spending my time improving the wildlife habitat on my small farm and chasing whitetails with my dad.

Aaron Bennett

Aaron has been with Drury Outdoors since 2007. Originally working as a full time employee, he has helped produce numerous hunts with Mark, Terry, and Matt Drury. Now Aaron contributes as a field producer while selling hunting and farmland real estate with Whitetail Properties.

Jacob O'Dell

I've been hunting and filming with my dad for years and now I'm officially his partner on the Bow Madness Cast. I am always looking forward to our next adventure with stick and string.

Justin Lurk

Justin and his wife Mindy have been married since 2011 and have 4 beautiful children (Liv, Avabelle, Brady & Stella). Justin enjoys anything outdoors with his family... walks, bike rides, trips to the farm, pool time, lake time, sports, etc. Justin has been introducing all of his kids to the sport of hunting and is looking forward to each one of them harvesting their 1st animal... whenever they are ready.
Justin has a great career with Chick-fil-A as he is responsible for site design, entitlement and permits for any new store they open in 7 states here in the Midwest. When he's not at work, he enjoys outdoor life and he's a cast member on Bow Madness. He also takes pride in helping people achieve their individual health goals in his spare time.
Good luck to you all... be safe and identify your targets!

Kirk Henderschott

"I have a love for hunting that started as a child. My main passion is hunting mature whitetails all while capturing it all on film. I have an obsession with doing everything I can to provide all wildlife the key essentials to maintain optimal health and growth on the properties I manage. I love taking others hunting and passing on the hunting heritage to my own children.
I am a Trooper with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and love patrolling the roadways of North Missouri. Working both days and nights I am able to take off and hunt those key cold fronts that we anxiously wait all year for.
I highly respect the accomplishments and values of the Drury Family and all they have done for the outdoor industry. I am grateful to have the opportunity to film with such an influential team."

Kelly Turner

I grew up in the southernmost tip of Illinois which I still reside today. Hinting and fishing has always been a deep passion of mine. I harvested my first nice buck when I was 16 years old and all I can say is I've been hooked every since. There's rarely a day goes by that I'm not strategizing or thinking of a new method to outsmart a mature buck. Turkey hinting is also a passion of mine. It's tough to beat the sounds of the spring woods waking up in the morning.

Dawn Jensen

Growing up in a non-hunting family I wasn't familiar with the outdoor way of life. It wasn't until I met my boyfriend, Beau, now husband of 12 years, that I was introduced to the hunting/outdoor lifestyle. I started my hunting journey at 16 years old with shooting my first doe with a shotgun. From there I moved on to bowhunting and have been hooked ever since. I have been learning and evolving my hunting skills ever since. Besides harvesting animals and being able to provide for our family I also enjoy all the aspects of being outdoors whether it being planting food plots, shed hunting, putting out trail cameras and scouting, morel hunting, and fishing. When I'm not out doing any of those things I am enjoying my time going on walks with my sweet daughter, golfing with my husband, and spending time with our family and friends.

Cody West

Growing up in the Ozarks of southern Missouri and growing up with a hunting family provided me with great opportunities to explore, enjoy, and hunt the great outdoors. I have a father who taught, and still teaches me, a lot about the outdoors. He would let me roam the countryside, creeks, and pasture land. My dad taught me respect for the animals, nature, and safety. That is where my love for the outdoors came from, my dad. I have since grown up, found the most amazing wife and mother to our 2 boys. To which I am teaching them the same things I have been taught and learned on my own. Being with them outdoors and teaching them everything I know is the biggest joy in my life.

Brian Wiese

Brian grew up in Creighton, NE - a small town in Northeast Nebraska. Brian's step father (Max) introduced him and his twin brother to hunting around age 8 or 9 and would tag along with him during the Nebraska rifle season. Once the turkey population started to increase in the area, Brian's step father (Max) bought turkey vests and calls and told the boys to ""try to make sounds like the turkeys do"". Over the years, his passion to hunt continued to grow.

During the mid 2000's, Brian was a partner in a Nebraska outfitting business called ""Millstone Plantation"".
His experience gained in the deer and turkey woods while guiding others has been quite the blessing. Now that he has finished with guiding it has allowed him to focus on time with his growing family, growing business, and also re-focus back to outdoor filming. Brian is honored to be a part of the Drury team and looks forward to producing hunts with his filming partner Cody Sirek.

Kasey Morgan

Kasey's hunting passion dates back to his childhood adventures with his dad, running rabbits. Growing up in Iola, Wisconsin, Kasey's hunting knowledge was developed and refined through trial and error as a young boy, planting his own food plots and hanging self-made tree stands. At the age of 24, he started developing his Bloodhound Deer Tracking service using his talented dog Boomer. When he is not managing hunting properties or behind the camera, Kasey enjoys playing baseball. He hopes to continue his love and excitement for the outdoors and share it with his 9-year-old son who recently harvested his first deer.