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Justin Lurk



Justin and his wife Mindy have been married since 2011 and have 4 beautiful children (Liv, Avabelle, Brady & Stella). Justin enjoys anything outdoors with his family... walks, bike rides, trips to the farm, pool time, lake time, sports, etc. Justin has been introducing all of his kids to the sport of hunting and is looking forward to each one of them harvesting their 1st animal... whenever they are ready.
Justin has a great career with Chick-fil-A as he is responsible for site design, entitlement and permits for any new store they open in 7 states here in the Midwest. When he's not at work, he enjoys outdoor life and he's a cast member on Bow Madness. He also takes pride in helping people achieve their individual health goals in his spare time.
Good luck to you all... be safe and identify your targets!



Real Estate & Development

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