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Helping Hunters Since 1989

They say time flies when you’re having fun…and 30+ years later a truer statement has not been spoken!  In 1989, when brothers Mark and Terry Drury decided to embark on this journey of turning a hobby into a passion, and then a passion to a career, even they couldn’t have imagined the journey that Drury Outdoors would take to get where it is today. 


You are reading this because you’ve joined us in their latest twist in that three-decade-long journey!  Over 70 combined years of Mark & Terry's hunting blood, sweat, and tears is now wrapped up into one comprehensive platform where you can access all things Drury Outdoors 24/7.  A “Safe Space” from the trials and tribulations of today’s modern world and a gateway into a place where whitetail and turkey are kings. 

After years of making every mistake in the book, learning, adapting, and continuing to hone their craft, Mark and Terry felt an obligation to help spread the observations they've seen afield and the knowledge gained through those trials.  Over the years, Drury Outdoors always strived to be informative, educational, and entertaining!  Whether it was back in the 90s and you were renting their turkey and deer VHS tapes and DVDs from a local video rental store, or in the 2000s when they helped usher in a new era of outdoor television;  you’ve grown with them as hunters, game keepers, and ultimately watched as their families changed in the process!  


Some things will never change though, such as the determination to be the best, the pride in their work and the dedication to the loyal viewers to pursue these animals under 100% Wild, 100% Fair Chase® conditions.  This determination also led to the development of the most advanced deer hunting application ever: DeerCast.  


We live in a day and age where everything has “an app for that.” The tech has advanced so much that the things Mark and Terry would study for hours before a hunt to try and gain an advantage are now accessible in seconds.  Our hope is that this powerful combination developed and packaged inside DeerCast will help you make the most of your time.  Learn from Mark and Terry's mistakes and continue to hone your own craft in the outdoors by getting up-to-the-minute deer movement predictions for your specific location and invaluable information to help you get ahead of your game.


DeerCast has become the hub for all things Drury Outdoors.  To think that a video of the hunt can now be shared with you within minutes of releasing an arrow and recovering the animal is truly mind blowing.  Especially when you look back to 1989 and the old days of Panasonic AG450 cameras, Super VHS tape format, editing out of  a production van in Jackson, Mississippi and finally, months later, hitting the rental shelves!  It’s come a long way. 


At Drury Outdoors, family is a cornerstone of the foundation!  It all started with the ethics and morals Mark and Terry’s parents, Ralph and Lucille, instilled in them.  Then, was nurtured along the way by the love, support, and advice of their wives (Tracy and Willa) and children.  Over time, they passed on the tradition we all cherish so much to Mark’s daughter Taylor, and Terry’s son Matt. Both have grown as hunters and integral contributors within the company.  Last, but certainly not least, they assembled a group of incredible hunters from across the country who have become extended family in this journey, the DOD Team!        


Drury Outdoors will continue to evolve and this journey will be together with you. From the moment you get that trail cam picture of your buck, to the true overwhelming emotion that comes at the end of a successful track job; start to finish, Drury Outdoors will be there in your evolution as a hunter.  In return, your valuable time spent within the DOD community will help other hunters hone their beloved passion and craft year after year! 


Safe hunting, please identify your targets, and thank you for joining Drury Outdoors in our latest adventure!

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