Episode Guide

What does it take to produce THIRTEEN original episodes for Outdoor Channel? The year long commitment, preparation, sweat equity involved in really doing it right. All while respecting the animal that we chase and cherish so much! The tips, the tactics, the information, is at an all time high in this new season chronicling Mark & Terry Drury's season long quest for those mature whitetails that we think about 24/7 - 365. With a little help from a cast of characters like Matt & Taylor Drury, Jim Thome & Gary LeVox you'll follow the ups and downs of THIRTEEN!

EPISODE 01 - "Dawn of a New Season. Phase one."

AIR WEEK: JUNE 26, 2017; OCTOBER 2, 2017

Phase one marks the start of a new whitetail season in the Midwest, and a hot spell threatens any chances of success. But the Drury’s have a solution for everything, and Taylor Drury’s prayers are about to be answered as she hunts “The Prayer Buck”.

EPISODE 02 - "Greener pastures on the horizon. Phase two."

AIR WEEK: JULY 3, 2017; OCTOBER 9, 2017

The monster bucks of the Midwest are craving the Biologic food plots. Mark Drury hosts a very special Catch a Dream hunt, Matt Drury gives Illinois Connection a try, and Taylor Drury gets close to a superstar of a buck in Iowa.  

EPISODE 03 - "best lull ever. phase three."

AIR WEEK: JULY 10, 2017; OCTOBER 16, 2017

It’s the dreaded October Lull and Terry Drury is experiencing just that on his Missouri farm. Over in Iowa, both Taylor and Mark Drury come face to face with two of the largest bucks they’ve ever encountered, Danger and Superstar.

EPISODE 04 - "a state of pre-lock. phase four."

AIR WEEK: JULY 17, 2017; OCTOBER 23, 2017

After harvesting Danger, his largest buck to date, Mark Drury’s focus shifts to yet another Iowa monster named, Greightness. Meanwhile, Terry Drury finally closes in on a shooter on his Missouri property.

EPISODE 05 - "anticipating "greightness". Phase five."

AIR WEEK: JULY 24, 2017; OCTOBER 30, 2017

The air is thick with high anticipation as Mark Drury continues his search for an Iowa mega buck called, Greightness. While Terry Drury journeys over to his Illinois lease to see if he can’t get it done.

EPISODE 06 - "texas buck parade. phase six."

AIR WEEK: JULY 31, 2017; NOVEMBER 6, 2017

Mark Drury experiences the ultimate buck parade down in Texas. Back in Missouri Terry Drury is temporarily tagged out, and scouting for the upcoming gun season, while Matt Drury continues to hunt his Missouri lease.

EPISODE 07 - "locked down with nowhere to go. phase seven."

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 7, 2017; NOVEMBER 13, 2017

Matt and Taylor Drury aren’t scared of lockdown, especially with the Winchester firearms in hand. Matt heads to Terry’s Missouri farm and ends up tagging his first buck of the season. All while Taylor’s after a Missouri shooter of her own.

EPISODE 08 - "desperate and seeking. phase eight."

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 14, 2017; NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Terry Drury is desperately seeking a buck in Missouri, and he’s lucky enough to encounter the buck he’s been after all season. Meanwhile, Mark finds himself back in the Lone Star state where the bucks are certainly on the move.

EPISODE 09 - "the party ends. phase nine."

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 21, 2017; NOVEMBER 27, 2017

The party’s over. Or is it? Mark Drury finds himself looking down the barrel of a Winchester at a Missouri monster he encountered back in phase one. All while Terry Drury continues his never-ending mission of herd management.

EPISODE 10 - "the future is green. phase ten."

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 28, 2017; DECEMBER 4, 2017

Matt Drury joins Terry Drury on the Illinois lease with the Traditions muzzleloader ready to go and three shooters in mind. Mark Drury heads back to Texas to see if he can’t continue his Lone Star streak.

EPISODE 11 - "send a front this way. phase eleven."


There will be no wait for this front. Mark experiences rain and cool temperatures in Texas, resulting in the harvest of the largest buck on the ranch. Terry Drury struggles on his Missouri Farm. And special guest Tom Gallagher joins in the action. 

EPISODE 12 - "positive feedback. phase twelve."


Feedback is the name of this game as Mark Drury’s Iowa farm lights up with activity. Terry Drury, Tom Gallagher, and Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts are in camp, and ultimately three bucks hit the ground.

EPISODE 13 - "time for the grand finale. phase thirteen."


This is the final phase of the season. Terry Drury decides to spend new years hunting with his grandson and good friend, Matt Drury gives his Missouri lease one last try, while Mark and Taylor try to close out the season in Drury style.