Catch a Dream

A note from Dr. Marty Brunson:

Catch a DreamWhen I met Bryon Thompson and Jason Franzen on a rural Alabama road to escort them through the gates at Hollis Farms to meet one of our Catch-A-Dream children none of us had any clue as to the magnitude of the relationship that was about to develop. In fact, even after Team Wisconsin left the presentation dinner held in honor of our young hunter and headed back to Portland Landing to reunite with the other Dream Season 2 teams, we were oblivious to the tapestry that was already being woven. But the Master Weaver was already at work assembling threads and remnants that He would assemble into one of the most amazing relationships either partner would ever experience.

We all watched Episode 12 as Bryon and Jason reported back to the Dream Season 2 teams at Portland Landing late that night and saw emotions well up and overflow as they shared their Catch-A-Dream experience into the wee hours of the morning. We saw the hearts of grown men laid bare, tears freely flowing, as the reality of what Catch-A-Dream is all about sank in, one by one, and Bryon remarked that being with a Catch-A-Dream child “…puts life in a different perspective.” After several hours of piqued emotions and personal introspections, Mark challenged the group to “…raise some money and change Dream Season into A dream for somebody.” Then in Episode 13, as the season came to a close, Mark commented that the Catch-A-Dream experience had “changed our lives, and our minds, and changed the course of Dream Season forever.”

What an understatement! Not only was Dream Season changed forever by what transpired during that first exposure to Catch-A-Dream “in the flesh,” but so also was the course of Catch-A-Dream forever altered and taken to new levels! Dream Season to date has raised almost a quarter million dollars in support of the Foundation, and dozens of children who first learned of Catch-A-Dream from the show have had their dreams come true! The all-amateur Dream Season 3 teams set the standard for promoting and raising both funds and awareness of “The Vision.” Then along came the Dream Season 4 couples who upped the ante in a major way with whole new twists on raising funds and embracing a Catch-A-Dream child and family, only to be blown away by the teams from the Land of the Giants whose story unfolds on Dream Season 5. Dream Season 6 teams truly Redeemed themselves by matching their “Giant” predecessors in generating both interest in, and resources for, Catch-A-Dream. As Dream Season 7 dawns, with some Celebrity giants of its own, we can’t wait to see if these superstars rise to the occasion!

The tapestry has been woven and truly is a complex and inspiring work of art that has taken two previously unrelated entities, Catch-A-Dream and Dream Season, to new heights while capturing the attention and support of viewing fans everywhere! The common thread from which the fabric was started is a simple concept shared by everyone involved … something called a “DREAM!” We are grateful that “…dreams really do come true,” thanks to Dream Season and its fans and supporters across North America!

Marty Brunson

Catch-A-Dream Foundation

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