Tuesday: 10:30pm ET

Wednesday: 5:30am ET & 2:00 pm ET

Thursday: 9:30am ET

Sunday: 3:30am ET



Drury Outdoors and Mossy Oak have teamed up to bring you a brand new reality hunting show. The creators of THIRTEEN, Dream Season, King of the Spring, and Bow Madness are taking 12 individual contestants from across the country and pitting each of their seasons against one another to see who can ultimately be lifted up among their peers and reach Critical Mass! The 12 contestants battle it out in an epic Extreme Archery competition to decide what order their episode will air. From there we follow the Challenger versus Defender format the rest of the season and watch as each week’s Challenger tries to prove their merit on the extreme archery course and more importantly, showcase to a jury of peers why their hunting season deserves to move on to the next round ultimately trying to reach episode 13 and Critical Mass!  The conversations that we have daily on social media will carry over to the show and be the basis for this brand new format!  Keeping the conversation positive, lifting each other up, and ultimately trying to introduce new comers to our sport is the name of this game!

The action is at a premium and stakes are high with a Mossy Oak Edition Can AM Defender and a year’s worth of gas from SureCan on the line!  Whose season will rise to the top in this inaugural season of Critical Mass?!  Tune in only on Outdoor Channel to find out!


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