Episode Guide

Need to catch up on Season 10 of Bow Madness? Browse through our episode guide to find out what you missed or relive the action!

EPISODE 01 - "Changed for the better"

AIR WEEK: JUNE 26, 2017; OCTOBER 2, 2017

Mark Drury and Jared Lurk highlight techniques that have made them better Midwest Whitetail hunters on their annual Mule deer hunt in Alberta.

EPISODE 02 - "Flatlanders in the foothills"

AIR WEEK: JULY 3, 2017; OCTOBER 9, 2017

A pair of Midwestern Whitetail hunters go on their first ever Elk hunt; the hard way. A do it yourself hunt while camping in the wilds of New Mexico. 

EPISODE 03 - "out of our element"

AIR WEEK: JULY 10, 2017; OCTOBER 23, 2017

Brandon Jennings and Bric Steward travel west to New Mexico for their first ever Elk hunt with Trophy Hunting Adventures. Midwest Whitetial hunts follow in Missouri and Kansas.

EPISODE 04 - "Feeding vs. breeding"

AIR WEEK: JULY 17, 2017; OCTOBER 30, 2017

Brothers Justin and Jared Lurk highlight planting and hunting techniques that prove successful in the early season and during the Rut for Whitetail deer.

EPISODE 05 - "payback"

AIR WEEK: JULY 24, 2017; NOVEMBER 6, 2017

Daryl Burttschell finally draws an Iowa tag and is invited by Mark Drury to come hunt his farm to pay him back for all the help Daryl has given. Mark trades positions to film cameraman Wade Robinson in Missouri.

EPISODE 06 - "double trouble"

AIR WEEK: JULY 31, 2017; SEPTEMBER 25; NOVEMBER 13, 2017

Dan Thurston and Rick Malik team up to hunt Whitetails in both Texas and Mississippi. Unexpected forces push them to the limit.

EPISODE 07 - "diy hunting with an outfitter"

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 7, 2017; NOVEMBER 20, 2017

Dave Reisner and John O'Dell reunite for Whitetail hunts at Southwest Iowa Outfitters. Dave takes his son, Wyatt, out for a late season hunt in Iowa. 

EPISODE 08 - "sweat success"

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 14, 2017; NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Tom Ware, Mike Klemmensen and Scott Manifold highlight the sweat equity it takes to succeed at a high level when hunting giant, mature Iowa and Missouri Whitetails. 


AIR WEEK: AUGUST 21, 2017; DECEMBER 4, 2017

Brandon Jennings and Bric Steward make a deal with a landowner in which they will do all of the work to set up a new farm in order to deer hunt during the season. 

EPISODE 10 - "more quality h2o"

AIR WEEK: AUGUST 28, 2017; OCTOBER 16, 2017

John O'Dell adapts to whitetail hunting in South Texas utilizing a water source to maximum effect.  A family hunt including John's son, Jacob, daughter, Macy, and wife, Suzy features a 200" Whitetail buck. 

EPISODE 11 - "killing it in the kitchen"


The Drury team attempts to harvest an animal each month of the fall and share their favorite wild game recipes.

EPISODE 12 - "bucket list manitoba moose"


Dave Reisner and John O'Dell make the trip North to bow hunt Moose. Dave capitalizes on an October cool front in Iowa.

EPISODE 13 - "his-story"


Tom Ware and Scott Manifold examine upper end deer management techniques as they pass incredible deer in hopes that the deer make a huge leap in size.