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Tom Ware



Tom was introduced to the sport of shooting waterfowl by his dad, Bill. Although Tom loves to shoot ducks, it was the whitetail deer that always held his interest. Finally, when Tom was in college, his dad bought into a small hunting farm. This gave Tom the opportunity he needed to chase his long awaited whitetail curiosity. It didn’t take long and the curiosity became a passion! After 10 years using his marketing degree in retail business, he decided to chase his passion and become an outfitter. He operated Bucks BeWare Outfitters in Pike County Illinois for 11 years. This is where he learned the ins and outs of big buck habits and his passion has only grown stronger. He has got out of the outfitting business so that he can spend more time hunting himself as well as taking his three beautiful daughters and teaching them about the great outdoors.



Small Business Owner

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