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Taylor Drury Land



Taylor Drury is no stranger to the outdoor industry. She has become a special part of Drury Outdoors by executing her passion for the outdoors and love for hunting. Taylor watched her father, Mark, and Uncle Terry, build the family business from a dream to an award winning television company over the past twenty years. She’s been fortunate to play a role in their success over the past few years, following in their footsteps for over a decade now.

Taylor, who is currently finishing college online, is majoring in Business Marketing and Administration. As Social Media Manager at Drury Outdoors, she plays a major role in the company’s success and presence online, by running all their social media accounts. By presenting herself as a fearless, female hunter on and off camera, she is now an established public figure amongst young, female and veteran hunters. Through promoting ethical harvests and respectful hunting tactics, Taylor has helped the Drury Outdoors social media accounts become one of the most viewed outdoor pages online.

After over a decade of success as an archery and gun hunter, Taylor was made a cast member on the television sensation, Bow Madness. While still attending college, she is now a member on the award winning show – THIRTEEN. Her loyal following is anxious to watch Taylor continue to pursue her dreams in the outdoor industry.



DOD Social Media Manager

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