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Steve Frantz



Hunting is a passion and obsession for me!
I was brought up hunting with my dad and two brothers John and Jeff. I can remember the first hunt I went on like it was yesterday! I was 9 years old, my dad and I were in my home state of Alabama, in a shooting house, looking over a fresh clear cut. It was a very cold morning and my toes were frozen! We were in the stand about an hour or so and dad said "there is a buck over there"! Back then all my dad hunted with was a shot gun, the buck was about 150 yards out and I just couldn't understand why he wouldn't take a shot at him. He kept telling me "it's too far" haha! All I can say is "BUCK FEVER", I was shaking so intensely I didn't understand what was going on, dad said "it's Buck Fever son"! From that day forward it was hooked and infatuated over deer hunting and I wasn't even the one with the gun. It was an every week question to my dad, "are we going hunting this weekend"?
Unfortunately my dad was paralyzed in a bad boating accident one summer day, while fishing with my brother John and I. He would never be able to walk again and could only move his head.
Thank god for my brothers unselfishly taking me hunting from that point forward and keeping the fire burning inside me!
I killed my 1st deer with a bow at 11 years old on public land. It was a doe and man did I think I did something!
While a youngster, my hunting consisted of public land and invitations to hunting clubs. Like most young hunters, if it was brown it was down. The antler size truly didn't matter at that point in my life. Slowly over time, my obsession of just killing any buck turned into a passion for managing the herd and trying to harvest a mature buck!
In my late 20's filming my hunts became a new obsession of mine. I started out with filming with cell phones and quickly bought my first HD camera to start filming hunts with my brother in law Jarrod Gibson.
After a few years of getting several kills on video. Jarrod and I made it a goal to be apart of Drury Outdoors and primarily "DREAM SEASON"!
We had always watched Drury's DVDs over and over again and were their #1 fan!
We sent in several videos and bugged Matt Drury to death :-)! When in 2010 he contacted me and ask if I would like to air one of my bow kills on Drury's & PSE's Bowmadness "ISIWMPSE" contest. I was truly blessed to be the overall winner of the (Hunt V utv). We continued to send videos to the studio, when one day in July of 2014, Matt reached out to me to see if Jarrod and I would be interested in being an amateur team on Dream Season The Journey! I couldn't believe he even needed an answer, haha! Our Dream had come true and prayers were answered!
I thank Mark, Terry, Matt & Taylor for putting their trust in me and giving me this opportunity! It has brought many new avenues in my life and most importantly new friends from all over the country whom I would have never met!
I have a beautiful wife Natasha, that stands by my side through my crazy passion and obsession! I have three amazing boys, Kiptyn, Krew and Kam, who I get to share Gods Great Outdoors with! The good lord just continues to bless me and he always has! If you want something in life, you have to go after it and trust in the good lord to get you there!



Insurance Agent/Business Owner

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