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Sean Lundy



I have been blessed enough to be involved in the outdoor lifestyle from as early as I was able to walk. Being born and raised in Long Island, New York; my dad consistently made it a point to drag us to the Adirondacks and the Catskill Mountains to pursue whitetails and eastern turkey. Since those first days my passion for the outdoors has never let up. After finishing High School, I served in the United States Marine Corp; where I had the opportunity to venture out and see more than just the East Coast. It was then that I told my parents that someway, somehow I would be settling down in the Midwest, to continue to pursue my passion in chasing whitetails.

I have always dreamed of filming hunts for Drury Outdoors after watching my first Drury tape (on VHS) more than twenty years ago. I will never forget the phone call from Matt Drury, about the opportunity to become part of the Drury Outdoor pro-staff; what an awesome and emotional moment to say the very least! As I spend most of my time at our home in Indiana, and on down on our small farm in Southern Illinois, trying to continue to teach and show how or children how rewarding the outdoor lifestyle is. If we are not at a school event or kids activity and/or sporting event, we are spending our time improving habitats and planting food plots in our own dirt. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding, than seeing the pure happiness our your children's faces those moments when everything comes together on a hunt; and them just knowing they were part of the success in everything coming together since the planting of the first seed.

There is one thing I have always taken pride in; (especially given the fact that my family and myself mostly hunt small tracts of property); is that we are able to create new memories with them in the outdoors each and every time we go out. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the opportunity given to me by Mark and Terry Drury and the rest of the D.O.D family/team; I have learned so much from the D.O.D. team. I have already made so many new memories with them and am looking forward to making many more! I cannot tell my wife Amanda, how thankful I am at understanding my passion for the outdoors. Amanda, I love you and our children dearly; you and the children have always been my biggest supporters and fans, even well before this dream came true. I am the most thankful to God for allowing me this blessing among all the other ways he blesses me each and every day.



Government Employee

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