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Matt Drury



I have been in and around Drury Outdoors my entire life. From an early age I watched as my Father, Terry, and Uncle Mark grew the company from the ground up. Appearing in several of the original videos as a kid I had received a first hand knowledge of what it took to produce a video. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on several of Mark and Terry's studio edit sessions and learned to love the "behind the scenes" process more then the actual hunting itself. Dad would even have me working on "EDLs" or Edit Decision Lists back in the linear editing days.

Little did I know that later in life those studio sessions would have helped shape my future and career choice. I attended Missouri State in Springfield, MO and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media with my emphasis being Production. As I was working my way through the curriculum I would spend my summer/spring and winter breaks interning for Dad and Mark at Drury Outdoors. I spent one entire summer working in dad's 15x15 office and got a crash course in how to edit a full length hunting video with him literally looking over my shoulder the whole time! At the time Drury Marketing, Inc. edited and distributed Don & Kandi Kisky's "Whitetails Taking It To The Extreme" video series. That particular summer I was tasked with editing the Whitetails Extreme II title. A little known fact was that I edited together a couple of the first ever whitetail hunts on video that Lee and Tiffany Lakosky produced together. That was a tough summer working side by side with dad, but I learned more in those 3 months then I ever could in school.

As I was nearing the end of my last semester in college Mark had offered me an editing position after graduation. Upon being hired at Drury Marketing, Inc. I was an editor for Wildlife Obsession and Dream Season as well as many of the Drury DVD titles throughout the first 4 years I worked here. I was fortunate to be able to travel many places as a camera man for Mark and Terry during this time period. In 2007 Mark and Terry offered me the Brand Manager position and today my current position is General Manager. Overseeing day in and day out business on behalf of Mark & Terry. I've been working at Drury Outdoors for 15 years and I'm looking forward to continuing to help dad and Mark pioneer Drury Outdoors into future generations to come! DeerCast, our new app, being at the forefront of that development!



General Manager at Drury Outdoors

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