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Greg Glesinger



I grew up hunting pheasants and quail in Nebraska behind bird dogs with my Cousins and Uncles. Those adventures have been burned into my memory forever. My love for the sport has branched from bird hunting into big game hunting. Even though I still look forward to our family trips chasing pheasants, there is nothing like a Pope & Young Deer within bow range. The whitetail addiction started the first time I picked up a bow and experienced the November rut for the first time. I knew at that point, I would never miss November rut again, God Willing...

When I’m not hunting, I stay busy at work, enjoy coaching baseball in the summer and spending time with family and friends. I am very appreciative of the love and support I receive from my wife Lisa, and our two children Nicole and Derek. Without their support I couldn't do what I truly enjoy; chasing big game with a bow! It's the challenge that I really enjoy... It's a substantial accomplishment to harvest a mature big game animal of any type with a bow or gun. It's really rewarding when it all comes together on camera.

Now that my son Derek has found the same passion for the outdoors it's even more enjoyable to teach and share my passion with him. Find your passion and live it!



VP of Shared Medical Services

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