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Eric Bothun



I grew up in Chatfield, a small town in southeast Minnesota. I had lived there my whole life and went to school in Chatfield. In this state, hunting is a great heritage, so my father took me hunting with him before I was old enough to go on my own. From then on, hunting became a passion of mine. This morphed into hunting and filming on my own. I can remember watching Drury Outdoors videos when I was a young boy, and now that I am in my mid-twenties, I have worked my way up as a subcontractor for Drury Outdoors. It has taken me into meeting many new people, and hopefully this will lead me into hunting across the United States.

Since then my job had required that I move to Iowa...thus becoming a resident in another great state that has plenty of hunting heritage! I couldn't be happier and more fortunate to get to do what I love!




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