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Dan Thurston



Who could of imagined back in 1999 when two "knot" heads (Mark and Terry) from Missouri pulled in my driveway that it would turn into a life changing event. The first time I took them hunting Terry had a shot with his muzzleloader in less than an hour. Mark killed the following year with me and the rest is history! Through guiding them and seeing their video production process I gained a passion for filming as well. I was lucky enough to be asked to become a part of the Drury Outdoor team. I mean they have to have someone to carry on Bow Sadness right! I seem to fit the bill.

I was born and raised in small town Kansas. I grew up hunting, fishing and developed a true love for the outdoors. Since the age of 15 I was working in Auto Body repair. Eventually, I owned my own Auto Body repair business which freed up some time to do more hunting and drag racing. Then I started guiding and outfitting which lead me to meet Mark and Terry. I can't say how grateful I am that they saw enough in me to ask me to be apart of the team. Every once in a while they even put me to work planting their food plots and helping with their habitat improvement on their properties. I also thoroughly enjoy planting food plots and improving habitat for wild game.

I have to thank my wife for letting me pursue my passion. I know it's not easy putting up with me during hunting season. But somebody's got to do it! I thank all of you for your continued interest in Drury Outdoors.



Guiding, Outfitting, Entrepreneur

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