John Williams

Hunting Partner: Zach Playle

Hometown: Kirksville, MO

Spouse: Vicky Williams

Children: Tanya and Amy

Children: Zach, Ashley and Andrew

Education: BS in Industrial Occupations MA in School Administration

Occupation: Retired, Works on Drury farms

Interests: Hunting and spending time with his grandkids

Animal Specialties: Whitetail deer and turkey

John is the oldest member of the Drury Outdoors Team. He has enjoyed hunting and the outdoors for more than fifty years. He has been married to his wife, Vicky, for over 40 years. Tanya, his oldest daughter hunts Whitetail Deer with him. His youngest daughter Amy enjoys the outdoors, but does not hunt. John loves his family but says, grandchildren take all this to a new level.

Since retiring John has been with Drury Outdoors taking care of their hunting properties. His love for the outdoors goes hand in hand with his second career. When he isn't working for Mark and Terry, he is hunting with Zach & Andrew, or filming and attending his grandchildren's athletics and school activities.

John first met Mark Drury at a turkey calling contest in the mid eighties. He has been associated with Mark and Terry since that time.

John enjoys all types of game calling. His favorite is friction turkey calling. He has competed in many turkey calling contests in years past. He won the Grand National All Game Calling Championship in 1990. This contest consisted of imitating several species of Game-turkey, elk, predator, owl, duck, goose and deer. He has also won ten turkey calling state championships. He has had several top five finishes in the U.S. Open Friction Calling Contest. His newest challenge is coaching his grandson Zach in turkey calling. John says helping Zach is like having another chance at life. 

John's future goals are to keep Ashley and Andrew enjoying the outdoors and introduce Addison as well!! 

November 2016

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Winchester Model 70 .308
Animal: 140" Whitetail

December 2012

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Thompson Center Dream Season Omega
Animal: 146 2/8" Whitetail

December 2010

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Thompson Center Dream Season Omega
Animal: 142" Whitetail

November 2007

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Thompson Center Triumph .50 Cal Muzzleloader
Animal: 128" Whitetail

November 2006

Location: Missouri
Weapon: TC Pro Hunter
Animal: 134" 9pt. Whitetail
Video: Whitetail Madness 10

October 2006

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Hoyt Bow
Animal: 160" 12pt. Whitetail
Video: Dream Season 10

September 2004

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Hoyt Bow
Animal: 135" Whitetail

November 2005

Location: Missouri
Weapon: Thompson Center Omega
Animal: 150 2/8"Whitetail