Cast Bios

Mark Drury     

Mark DruryMark has dedicated his life to bringing the outdoorsman the highest quality products available today. His competitive edge comes forth whether he is in the field hunting trophy whitetail or the elusive wild turkey. As a competitive turkey caller, Mark has captured no less than six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. He is still involved today in creating many new products for the M.A.D. Game Calls line. It can be said however that his truest passion lies with land management and ensuring the quality of a healthy animal population on his farm. Laying down a successful deer harvest on videotape with his daughter Taylor may be his biggest thrill of all. He and brother Terry have dedicated their entire careers to bringing that excitement into the viewer's living rooms year in and year out.


Terry Drury     

Terry DruryWorking with his father from early on in a family owned Construction Company, Terry became interested in a career as a general contractor. In 1986, he ventured out on his own to become owner of T. Drury Contracting, Inc., specializing in real estate development and commercial contracting. Thanks to a highly motivated and hardworking team he has been able to pursue an additional career in the Hunting Industry. Terry's love for the sport of hunting along with his brother Mark's, led to the development of Drury Outdoors in 1989. His belief in the ethics of hunting and high regard for safety in the woods is a key factor in this 100% Wild 100% Fair Chase Series©. Terry feels that a major component to any great hunting team, and part of the success of Drury Outdoors, is the gratification that comes from capturing their love for the sport on videotape, and the pride they take in the quality of their products.


Matt Drury     

Matt DruryMatt has been in and around Drury Outdoors his entire life. From an early age he watched as his father, Terry, and Uncle Mark grew the company from the ground up. Appearing in several of the original videos as a kid he received a first hand knowledge of what it took to produce a video. Matt was lucky enough to be able to sit in on several of Mark and Terry's studio edit sessions and learned to love the "behind the scenes" process more then the actual hunting itself. Little did he know that later in life those studio sessions would have helped shape his future and career choice. As Matt was nearing the end of his last semester in college, Mark offered him an editing position after graduation. Upon being hired at Drury Marketing, Inc. he seems to have found his way back to the sport he used to love spending time with his dad doing. Matt has had a blast hunting with his dad again and loves heading up to the farm to chase those awesome whitetails!


Taylor Drury Land    

Taylor DruryFor her whole life, Taylor has been around hunting and learned about the outdoors from her dad, Mark, and Uncle Terry. Her dad has been taking her out since she was a little girl and now that she is older, Taylor has gained a respect for the sport. For her, there is nothing more fun than spending time with family while trying to harvest an animal. As years pass she is getting more into the producing aspect of the business and trying to become more involved with Drury Outdoors. Taylor loves turkey and deer hunting with a gun but her favorite is hunting whitetails with a bow. She believes that hunting with archery is definitely more challenging but when you get the job done you feel as if you accomplished so much more. When bow season comes around every year, Taylor makes sure to take every chance available to hunt when out of school. She will certainly continue hunting for the rest of her life because, as she says, there is no way she will ever get tired of those unforgettable hunts.  


Jim Thome

Jim ThomeJim has been a long time regular on the Drury Outdoors DVDs and TV shows over the past decade. With a love of baseball and hunting, he and the DOD Team fit together perfectly in personality traits! With a historic career in Major League Baseball spanning 22 seasons, from 1991 to 2012, Jim hit 612 home runs (7th most all time) along with 2,323 hits, 1,699 RBI's and a .276 career batting average. He was a 5 Time All-Star as well as a Silver Slugger winner, American League Comeback Player of the Year, Roberto Cemente Award Winner, Marvin Miller Man of the Year and Lou Gehrig Memorial Award winner for his community involvement! He has been to two different World Series with the Cleveland Indians and is known for his consistent positive attitude and "gregarious" personality! So much so, that the Cleveland Indians are erecting a Statue in his honor in 2014! Thome currently holds a position with the Chicago White Sox front office and lives just outside of Chicago with his beautiful wife, Andrea, and two children, Lila Grace and Landon.

Growing up in Peoria, IL with a blue collar family, Jim grew up knowing what it was to LOVE the outdoors and the hunting and fishing lifestyles of a simple MidWestern town. Along with that comes the values that us hunters share as a common part of our DNA. Jim to this day is as down to earth as ever and those moments at his "Lodge Two-Five" hunting camp in Illinois with Matt, Mark and Terry are some of his favorites each year. When you throw in the antics of that group and Jim's brother's, Chuck and Randy, who have a recipe for interesting TV day in and day at! You can't look past the fact that Jim and his brothers have harvested some MidWestern GIANTS at Lodge Two-Five over the years, helping to add to the mystic and allure of watching one of Jim's adventures on TV or DVD. Thome is the real deal and thrilled to be on THIRTEEN with the Drury Family.


Gary LeVox     

Gary LeVox

Gary's love for everything hunting and outdoors has been present his entire life. Born in Columbus, Ohio he grew up around some of the best hunting a kid could ever hope for. Getting that "itch" at an early age. He's most widely recognized and known across the globe as the lead singer of the hit country music group, Rascal Flatts. A group that formed in 1999 with Gary, Jay Demarcus (Gary's cousin) and Joe Don Rooney. Rascal Flatts has accounted for 26 single releases, all of which have charted within the top 20 or higher on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Including 12 which reached number 1! They've toured the world and sold millions of tickets and sold out concert venues for well over a decade. Just recently unveiling a new album titled "Rewind" and a tour of the same name. Gary lives in Nashville with his lovely wife Tara and their two beautiful daughters, Brittany Kay and Brooklyn Leigh.

Gary has long been an advocate for the outdoors lifestyle throughout his success and travels. He and Toxey Haas, founder of Mossy Oak, struck a deep friendship and shared passion for being Game Keepers and stewards of the land. Through the years Gary has formed a lasting friendship with Mark, Terry Drury and their families and he has shared many special hunts at Mark's Missouri and Iowa farms during that time. Gary couldn't be more elated to join the cast of THIRTEEN and share in these new experiences in his hunting life.