Matt & Taylor Drury

Cm hostsDedicated hunters themselves and having grown up in the outdoor entertainment community, Matt and Taylor know what it takes to deliver compelling hunts. Join them as they serve as your guides through thirteen exciting episodes in the inaugural season of Critical Mass!

Matt and Taylor break down all the action and dig deep with contestants to provide new insights on the hunts and the heart-thumping confrontations out on the Extreme Archery Course.

After the show, Matt hosts an exclusive behind-the-scenes after-action review on the DODTV YouTube channel called Critical Mass Extreme. It's your source for all things Critical Mass!

Steve Frantz

CM FrantzSteve has a true passion for chasing the most mature big bucks he can find, no matter what state he is in! Born and raised in Alabama, Steve has that "Roll Tide" type of attitude in everything he does. He might come off as brash to the rest of the cast, but Steve would tell you it's just his confidence shining through.

After putting up back-to-back-to-back years of harvesting eight more more whitetails, the former Dream Season cast member feels passed over a time or two for the coveted Outdoorsman of the Year title. Steve has a point to prove and a new outlet to prove it in Critical Mass!


Sean Lundy

CM Sean

A newcomer to the Drury Outdoors team but by no means a rookie in the outdoors, Sean brings his Midwestern sensibilities and Long Island street smarts to the cast.

Sean's background in law enforcement and tactical operations make him a formidable opponent on the course. Add in the fact that he's an accomplished deer hunter with some great hunts on camera, and you've got a real contender bent on reaching Critical Mass.


Jarrod Gibson

CM JarrodJarrod was once considered the new guy on the Drury Outdoors scene. Over the past several years he and his partner Steve Frantz have quickly made a name for themselves on Dream Season as a couple of southern stone-cold killers! From southern Alabama up to Kansas and everywhere in between, he and Steve have laid down some of the best big deer footage for Drury Outdoors in the past few years.

Being a father of a young family, Jarrod is looking to make that family/work/hunting balance play to his advantage as he goes head to head with Steve after years of hunting in his shadow.


Greg Glesinger


Greg is a Drury Outdoors veteran, but relative newcomer to the TV side of the hunting community. Being a type-A successful businessman by trade, he analyzes every little detail to try to get an advantage on a mature whitetail.

Having access to several thousand acres in Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri, Greg is the ultimate land manager at the pinnacle of his craft. Soft spoken but intense, Greg is looking to make a splash on Critical Mass!


Kyle Mcclellan

CM Kyle

Kyle is a former MLB pitcher. He was an integral part of the 2011 World Series winning St. Louis Cardinals. He currently is a part-time radio announcer for the Cardinals, as well as the president and founder of Brace for Impact 46, a non-profit organization helping communities in impoverished areas of St. Louis as well as northern Haiti.

Husband to Bridgette and father of two children, Kyle loves going to his farm in Illinois and teaching his young family about his love for hunting. His specialty is whitetails and he works 365 days a year being a game keeper on his farm.






Steven Mcbee

BM s McBee

Steven is a young-gun producer with a passion for hunting western big game animals and Midwestern whitetails! He not only has a knack for capturing scenes through the eyes of the camera lens, he also has a trophy room that would impress the most season of hunters. Relatively young in terms of the rest of the cast, Steven has plenty to prove and 15,000 acres of prime whitetail land to do it on!  


jesse mcbee

CM J McBee

Jesse is youngest hunter clocking in at a whopping 21 years of age. What he lacks in age, he makes up for in his passion for the sport of hunting! Jesse and his older brother and fellow cast member Steven, have been hunting together their whole lives. Now they enter Critical Mass, where they could be pitted against each other in a head-to-head battle to be crowned the Can Am Defender of the Year!

Like older brother Steven, Jesse has an eye for capturing the beauty of our sport through the viewfinder of a camera!


Kelly Turner

CM KellyKelly has been harvesting big deer in southern Illinois for most of his life. Adding a camera into the mix a few years back, he had a new-found passion for chasing these ghosts of the Midwestern hardwoods.

A newcomer to Drury Outdoors, Kelly is looking to make his mark and show the world why he belongs.

With a southern accent and charm that will captivate the audience, Kelly is definitely a sleeper in the contention to take home the Can Am Defender!


Brooke dinnen

CM BrookeBrooke and her husband Mike have been producing outdoor TV shows like "Bucks of Tecomate" for several years. They are the owners and operators of Timber Productions. Having typically been behind the scenes capturing and editing great outdoor content, Brooke was finally convinced by her husband that she needed to jump in front of the camera!

Her passion for wildlife shines through on video. A true girl-next-door personality, Brooke may win the award for the sweetest person on the cast, but don't let that fool you! She has plans to travel to states from Florida to Utah chasing mule deer, whitetails, and turkey with no intention of holding back when it comes to those head-to-head challenges.


Dawn Jensen

CM dawnDawn is the total package! Brains, beauty, and huntress skills to boot! Growing up and learning how to hunt in Minnesota, her and her high school sweetheart (now husband) Beau, moved to Iowa and never looked back! Owning several farms together and managing them for the utmost whitetail age-class and head-gear potential, Danw takes DIY to the next level!

Scouting her property, hanging her sets, and ultimately harvesting and field-dressing everything she hunts..she's the real deal. Whether it's hunting on their property in New Mexico for world-class bulls, or sitting 20 feet up in a tree overlooking a Boone & Crockett class whitetail, she knows what it takes to get the job done.


beau jensen

CM beauBeau is the owner and operator of LandProz, an agricultural and recreational real estate company. Through the years, Beau has developed the knowledge that it takes to find a great piece of property in the Midwest and turn it into a whitetail haven! This know-how is what ultimately drove his passion to start his own real estate company and continues to push him to new heights!

Beau and his wife Dawn have taken down many monster whitetails through the years, but this year, Beau is adding an extra challenge into his quiver! He's going to compete through the whitetail season with a traditional stick and string in hand. He's got the land, now all he needs is a giant Iowa bruiser to get within his effective bow range!


Steve "Coon Dog" Coon


Coon Dog, as he likes to be called, is a long-time Drury Outdoors team member, 29 year veteran of the police force, and last year's Dream Season Outdoorsman of the Year, harvesting his first ever 200" whitetail and truly having the season of a lifetime!

With his native American heritage, Coon Dog's passion for hunting comes out in everything he does! Every hunt is a roller coaster and every reaction creates award-winning television. True, unbridled emotion is what you get when you put Dog in front of a camera lens.

Always a professional in his craft, Coon Dog is extending a helping hand to ensure the newbies don't let the cast down.