Cast Bios

Mark Drury

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Mark DruryMark has dedicated his life to bringing the outdoorsman the highest quality products available today. His competitive edge comes forth whether he is in the field hunting trophy whitetail or the elusive wild turkey. As a competitive turkey caller, Mark has captured no less than six different world titles in his more than 150 wins. It can be said however that his truest passion lies with land management and ensuring the quality of a healthy animal population on his farm. Laying down a successful deer harvest on videotape with his daughter Taylor may be his biggest thrill of all. He and brother Terry have dedicated their entire careers to bringing that excitement into the viewer's living rooms year in and year out.



John O'Dell and Dave Reisner

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member John OdellHeadshot of Bow Madness cast member Dave ReisnerDave and I met in middle school back in the early 80's. We immediately relaized we shared a passion for the outdoors so we began hunting and fishing together. I lived on the edge of town so Dave would ride his moped to my house with his trusty .410 single barrel shotgun strapped to the side so that we could go hunting together. I was with Dave when he shot his first rooster pheasant and I called in his first spring gobbler more than 20 years ago. This past fall I called in his first archery bull in NM. Needless to say we have been on countless hunting adventures together and in 1993 we started capturing our hunts on film for Drury Outdoors. We have become a part of the DOD family and are now the longest tenured Team in Drury Outdoors. We are also co-hosts of PSE and Drury Outdoors Bow Madness. We feel truly blessed to be part of the best Team in the outdoor industry and our passion for hunting and filming is burning as much now as it was the first day we started.


Lee Novotny And Eric Bothun

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Lee NovotnyHeadshot of Bow Madness cast member Eric Novotny

Eric and Lee have been hunting together since their early years. Eric is the older cousin, so he is usually the ring leader. Lee doesn't mind not listening when being told what to do. They share a passion for harvesting animals with bow and arrow. Eric has been hunting with Drury Outdoors for about 12 years and Lee about 5 years. Since they are related they are not really afraid to tell each other what is on their mind. Of course, they do not always agree; what fun would that be. But in the end, they have each other's back and will continue heading into the field together. Eric and Lee have traditionally focused on whitetails and more whitetail hunting, but elk fever is creeping in and they hope to get more opportunities to harvest monster bulls with their PSE's. As time passes and lives change Eric and Lee will always find a way to balance busy schedules and their responsibilities at home to find their way into the tree with a bow, a camera, and Angry Birds.


Justin and Jared Lurk

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Justin LurkHeadshot of Bow Madness cast member Jared LurkJared and Justin's love for, and understanding of the outdoors have been growing ever since harvesting their first whitetails as young boys under the supervision of their father John. Jared recognized at an early age that he needed to supplement his hunting knowledge by actively participating in the sport as well as reading magazine articles and watching outdoor videos. Since then, countless hours have been spent a field - watching, learning, videoing, taking Reconyx pictures of and understanding the sought after game. Justin, on the other hand, spent countless hours enjoying the another side of life….socializing, telling jokes, cheerleading for the Missouri Tigers, and laying out by his pool. The brothers where set on different paths, until the fall of November of 2006. Justin took a week's vacation and joined Jared in the southern Iowa whitetail world of GIANTS … and since joining forces - the rest, as they say - is 'video' history. They enjoy their active role on the Drury Outdoors team and will continue to lend their time, talents and work ethic to future television productions.


Rick Malik and Dan Thurston

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Rick MalikHeadshot of Bow Madness cast member Dan Thurston

Rick and Dan are another pair of Drury Outdoors veterans who have established a reputation for bringing us great archery hunts (even if one of them suffers from the occasional bout of bow sadness).   When these two collaborate, you know it's going to be a good time. They bring the thrill of the hunt along with the joy of camp to the show. Rick and Dan truly understand the heart of bowhunting.


Dave Kramer

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Dave Kramer

The quintessential adventure bow hunter, Dave is equally at home in Iowa chasing whitetails as he is in the dark timbers of Canada laying in wait for a black bear or the aspens of Wyoming putting the moves on a bull elk. The man is a machine and willing to work to get within bow range of mature animals...and he's bringing the viewer along for the ride.

Dave's background in biology allows him to paint a comprehensive picture of the animal and its habitat. His unique perspective brings an educational aspect to Bow Madness, helping other bowhunters up their games.




 bric steward, Brandon Jennings, and Adam Anderson

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Bric StewardHeadshot of Bow Madness cast member Brandon Jennings

Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Adam Anderson

Bric, Brandon, and Adam may be the younger guys on the Bow Madness team, but the big bucks that have fallen to all three would never have known it. With their PSEs in hand, no mature buck is safe.

The guys have several big bucks and big adventures under their belts and we are excited to see what insights they can provide our cast this season. 




Headshot of Bow Madness cast member Tom Ware

Tom is a big buck specialist. As a former outfitter himself, he knows how to manage properties to maximize the herd's genetic potential. He's a gamekeeper and his trophy room bears witness to that. If you're looking for a guy with the discipline to pass on an up-and-coming buck, look no further.

Tom knows what matters when it comes to whitetails...which is why he's never too busy to take any of his three daughters into the field for a hunt.





Mike Klemmensen

Headshot of Bow Madness Cast Member Mike Klemmensen Born in Iowa and raised in central Illinois Mike was destined to fall in love with this sport. His best friend and hunting partner, Tom Ware, introduced him to bow hunting. Assisting him with his outfitting business taught Mike a lot about all aspects of this irresistible pastime and the hard work it takes to consistently be successful.






Scott Manifold

Headshot of Bow Madness Cast Member Scott Manifold

 His father's passion for hunting pheasants and quail behind their brittany spaniel fueled Scott’s desire to be a hunter. When a childhood friend of his let Scott shoot his Bear whitetail compound bow, he was hooked immediately! His father took him to get his first bow, a Jennings Forked Lightening, later that summer. He grew up in Southern Michigan, so he had deer, and now he had a bow. Only problem was his Dad wasn't really a deer hunter; so Scott and a good friend decided to enroll in the school of hard knocks. By the time he hit 15 that fall, he had arrowed his first deer, a yearling doe. He will never forget how that made him feel, and seeks out that feeling each and every fall.