King of the Spring VHSThe first full featured production, “King Of The Spring,” was shot on a Panasonic AG450 in Super VHS format under 100% Wild, 100% Fair Chase® conditions. It was edited in a studio in Jackson, Mississippi a long, long time ago…..1989 to be exact!

Much has changed in the past three decades. In 2004 we boasted that our graphics and editing equipment were state of the art, and that our production staff was top in their field. Our camera equipment was 100% digital at the time, and we were in our second year of Wildlife Obsession TV and our first year of Dream Season TV.

Monster Bucks VHS

Over a decade later - some things are still the same…our editors are still tops in their field, and our equipment is still state of the art. A couple of things that have changed since 2004 include the move to shooting with High Definition camera equipment - then shooting onto tapeless camera equipment. We are also providing up-to-the-minute online access to our Team via this website and social media, plus a steady stream of exclusive content on DODTV

We come to your living room with FOUR television shows, the newest being a project with Mossy Oak titled Critical Mass.  We have grown the brand into something we couldn’t have fathomed back in 1989, and we feel truly fortunate for every opportunity that has been presented to us.

Some things will never change though, such as the determination to be the best, the pride in our work and the dedication to our loyal viewers under 100% Wild, 100% Fair Chase® conditions. Our family plays an important role in our next step as a company with Matt Drury (Terry's son) leading the way from all aspects of the day in and day out business operations and Taylor Drury (Mark's daughter) having a more and more visible role on  TV, online, and social media. Family is how this whole thing started...and that is something we are truly proud of!

Enjoy druryoutdoors.com. It was created for you!

-Terry and Mark Drury