Hours into hunting Oklahoma with his gun tag filled, Sean Lundy said “It has been a tough season, so I’m excited to grab my bow and get after a big solid buck.

Garrett has some really nice shooters on the farm. We agreed to take one of the three mature management bucks named Halo Eight, Boomerang Buck, and Shorty Twelve if any offer us a shot.”

Although they had bow in hand, Sean and Garrett headed back to the woods wearing their blaze orange with gun season in full swing. They sat up on the edge of warm season grasses within a thin strip of oaks. Before the sunset that evening, the Boomerang Buck came within 40 yards trailing a doe. While Garrett was running the camera and got some great footage, the buck never offered Sean a good shot.

The next morning they settled into the stand with hopes that the Boomerang Buck would offer a shot after the close encounter the evening before. Not long after daylight a doe came in and began making her way down the edge of the timber. Hot on her trail Shorty Twelve came out of the timber. He stepped out of the timber and began to scent check before following the doe. By this time, the doe had made its way under the stand and was content munching on acorns. Shorty Twelve kept his eye on the doe and worked his way to within 30 yards of the doe. As the mature buck came into range and began munching on acorns, Sean got the thumbs up from Garrett.

With the buck focused on the doe, Sean drew his bow.  When the buck stopped to take a bite of acorns with his front leg in front of his body, Garrett reminded Sean to watch and wait on him to move the front leg. Holding his aim on the vitals at full draw, as soon as the buck moved his leg forward to provide a clean shot, Sean let the arrow fly. The buck ran into the timber and after a 60-yard track, Sean was able to hold his second Oklahoma buck, Shorty Twelve, thanks to his friend Garrett.

The next morning Garrett had bow in hand with Sean returning the favor behind the camera. The Boomerang Buck showed up and gave them plenty of shot opportunities, but with all buck tags filled, they had to sit back and enjoy the show. They waited and were able to harvest a few does as part of Garrett’s herd management plan.

Sean expressed his gratitude to Garrett, not just for putting him on some mature shooter bucks. But for his friend's willingness to take time to run the camera as well as his great example of land and wildlife management practices.

Gear Used:


PSE bows

Rage broadheads




IQ Sight


Scent Crusher

Name The Game Outfitters

- Dr. Brooks Tiller