“After spotting this buck four miles away with the Leupold spotting scope, we made our way towards him. In the process we bumped him and a doe. They went over the ridge, so we made our move, got set up, and made a great shot.” -Brian Wiese

Fortunately for Brian, he became friends with and accepted an invitation from “Rolling Bones Outfitters,” in Montana, to hunt mule deer in 2017. “I had a great time there with Brian Mehman,” Brian said. “I killed a really gnarly, corkscrew buck. It was a fascinating hunt in gorgeous Big Sky Country.”

Good fortune often brings more good fortune, and Wiese received another invitation  from Nehman to hunt in Montana, after the Nebraska firearms deer season in 2018. “It’s a great place to hunt, and we see a ton of deer,” Wiese said. “I jumped at the opportunity to hunt with them again.”

Wiese headed west on Monday afternoon and hooked up with Nehman before heading on to Montana. Anticipation ran high as the duo recalled both all the deer they had seen the previous year, and the great time they had enjoyed together.

“Our goal was to shoot a management buck,” Wiese said. “We began our hunt the first morning on a big agricultural field. There were easily 60 deer in that field, but nothing that really caught our eye that we wanted to shoot.”

The hunting party abandoned the ag field and headed for rough country, several miles off road. “We traveled into some really rough country,” Wiese said. “Rolling hills, interspersed with winding creek beds and high mountain buttes set the scene for the adventure that lay ahead.”

“Scenes from “‘The Wild, Wild, West,’” and John Wayne with his six-shooter on his hip, came to mind, Wiese said. “I fully expected to run into the Duke around the next butte.”

 Wiese’s hunting party repeated the process of traveling on their UTV, stopping on a high spot, and spending considerable time glassing with their Leupold spotting scope from hilltop to hilltop.

“About 11 a. m. we stopped on a butte and spotted a buck about four miles away on top of the next butte, far across an enormous valley,” Wiese said. “We could tell that the buck had some type of cluster on his left side. It proved compelling enough that we decided to make a move for a closer look.”

Traveling through rough terrain takes time. Wiese and crew spent the next hour closing in on their target buck. “When we started closing in on the area where we spotted the buck, we had our eyes on a different buck, and doe bedded down together. The second buck turned out to be a younger 4X4, but we knew the first buck was in the vicinity.”

Wiese got into position where he could see below the 4X4 buck. “We were cautiously scanning below our position, when we found our target buck less than a hundred yards away staring right at us,” Wiese said. “We were caught, hands down.”

The buck spooked and went over the hill, with his doe in toe. “At that point, all we could do was to go over the hill, too, and get set up,” Wiese explained. “We quickly spotted the nervous buck. We were nervous, too.”

Wiese pulled a rabbit out of his hat, so to speak. “I pulled a rabbit squeaker out of my pocket and called,” he said. “The doe had never suspicioned that we were there, and was calmer than the buck. Unbelievably, she stopped when I blew the squeaker.”

The doe became curious about the rabbit squeaks, and began walking back towards Wiese. “The buck was still a ways off,” he said. “But, the buck was not about to let his doe get away, even though he knew something wasn’t right.”

Wiese, Brian Mehman, and the cameraman watched the show unravel as the buck made his way downhill to collect his doe. “The pair stopped 389 yards from us when they met up,” Brian said. “They began leaving, so we took a chance and hit the rabbit squeaker once again. They stopped broadside at 419 yards, and I shot the buck through the heart. I know The Duke would have been proud of me.”

Gear Used:

Winchester XPR

Leupold Spotting Scope and Scope


Nomad Clothing

Mossy Oak Camo

Winchester Deer Season XP

LaCrosse Footwear

Ram Truck

Scent Crusher

- Bill Cooper