We all have significant days on our calendar. For Wade, November 18th is a definite stand out.

Hunting with Mark on a south Iowa farm, the two had climbed into a blind for an afternoon sit. A heavy snow still blanketed the property and deer were coming to the field to pack in calories for the cold temperatures.

DeerCast was calling for a “Great” hunt that day. One of the factors in that forecast was the sky-high barometer. The winds were low, so they guys made certain to take precautions with their scent management prior to entering the field.

Some hunts just happen like you dream, and that’s how this one played out. As they waited, Wade caught the wide berth of this buck’s rack making its way onto the field. With his bow in one hand and rangefinder in the other, he anxiously watched as the biggest Iowa buck of his life closed the distance.

The deer fed down to 23 yards and oriented himself broadside to Wade. Now at full draw, Wade settled his 20 yard pin just behind the buck’s shoulder and began executing his release. The arrow slipped right in behind the should bone and zipped out the other side, spattering the surrounding white snow crimson.

His final sprint took him to an iced-over creek where he fell for good. The tracking job was no problem and Wade had recovered the biggest Iowa buck of his life on his new favorite date!

Gear Used:

Muddy Blind

PSE Evolve 28



IQ bow sight


Rage broadheads

Scent Crusher

LaCrosse Boots

Outdoor Edge knives

- Tim Kjellesvik – DeerCast Editor-In-Chief