November 17: Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson saw a big 2.5 year old 10 point with a club foot on his farm in 2016.

During the season he had a few encounters with him but chose to let the young buck walk in favor of more mature deer. In the spring of 2017 he found one side of the shed. The clubfoot buck became a common fixture on the farm during the summer of 2017. He had grown and was now looking to be carrying close to 160 inches of antler.

Adam got to get a good look at him during four encounters last year. One at 20 yards on November 8 that he passed while hunting a mature buck that Adam took later that day. After finding a shed this spring, Adam knew that he had survived the season and set his target on the big clubfoot buck.

In July Adam was delighted to see the buck was not shy of the camera and was a mainstay on the farm. Adam set his sights on the giant main frame 11 point and dedicated the season to bagging the buck with the club foot.

On October 6, Adam had his chance and let an arrow fly, but shot low grazing the hair off the belly of the giant. The buck bolted and Adam was sick until 10 days later when the buck showed himself on a trail camera staying nocturnal until the end of October.

Adam said that since the end of October they have been playing cat and mouse. It seemed that the buck would be on the opposite side of the farm that they were hunting. A few days before the gun opener, they repositioned the blind to optimize their chances with a rifle.

Adam dedicated all his prep work, food plots, and stand placement for a shot at the giant 4.5 year old that called his farm home. He made sure food, water, and cover were available on his small plot. Setting his sights and chasing one specific mature buck meant that Adam had to pay attention to the details. 

The buck had set a pattern and Adam knew that it was just a matter of time until the buck  presented him with an opportunity. Being in the blind everyday from sun up to sun down increased the odds of seeing the big buck. But spending all day in the same spot for a week meant Adam had to pay close attention to even the smallest detail that could alert a wise mature buck. After several long sits in the blind without seeing the massive buck with the clubfoot, he finally showed up Saturday morning. Stepping out into the North Missouri field the buck stopped 150 yards away as Adam steadied his rifle and fired a shot. The buck jumped and bolted as Adam fired another shot. Adam said “This is a buck of a lifetime and I was not going to take any chances” as he joked that he shot four times because his rifle only held 4 rounds.

The buck fell before leaving the field and Adam was elated and ready to put his hands on the big buck. Measuring 182 4/8 inches this is Adam’s biggest buck. It is not the size, but all that went into this buck that had Adam riding an emotional roller coaster. The discipline to let him walk for 2 years, the time dedicated, effort and man power to ensure the buck had everything he might want to keep him on the farm.

Putting in the work, staying dedicated, and paying attention to the smallest of details was pivotal to Adam’s success and could be the critical component for us to bag the buck of a lifetime.

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Gear Used:

Muddy blind


Winchester firearms

Winchester Deer Season XP




Scent Crusher Portable Hunter’s Closet

Scent Crusher Field Spray

Scent Crusher Hair and Body Wash

Outdoor Edge knives

- Dr. Brooks L Tiller