November 11: Jason Gilbertson


Our friends at Winchester clearly know firearms and ammunition and they’re also passionate deer hunters.

That’s why Terry and gang were so glad to have Winchester’s very own Jason Gilbertson in camp for the Missouri firearm opener weekend.

Though frigid, Saturday was a busy one with multiple encounters, just not the shooter buck Jason was hoping for. Does were keyed onto food and bucks were coming to the field to check them. The next day would be a different story however.

Sunday morning’s hunt again yielded more deer activity, but still no shooters. After a quick break for lunch, Jason and DOD long-timer Chris Comstock headed out to a blind overlooking a different field. This would be the final hunt of the weekend and the guys were hoping to down a racked buck.

A nice buck made a quick appearance into the field for all of three seconds, not long enough for Jason to get spun up for a shot. At 3:30 pm with the sun creeping toward the horizon, another shooter stepped out at 200 yards.

The buck was closing the distance, but coming head on, offering Jason no chance at an ethical shot. With the gun shouldered, he wondered if this deer would ever divert and give him an opportunity.

Not until the deer was within bow range at 35 yards did he finally turn 90 degrees to the right. Jason wasted no time settling his crosshairs just behind the buck’s shoulder and squeezing the trigger. A short-lived 30-yard dash to the timber was all the deer could manage before tipping over.

Deer camp at Terry’s is always great. The food, the hunting, it all goes into making the weekend a special time, but it’s the people in camp that are the real highlight, and Jason was no exception.

Gear Used:

Winchester XPR in .308

Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact

Outdoor Edge knives

Nomad apparel

Mossy Oak camouflage

Scent Crusher scent control

Leupold Optics

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief