Opening weekend of Missouri’s rifle season at Terry’s farm is always a good time.

Also, some deer are taken in the process.

This year was a full camp at Terry’s place and included special guest Jason Gilbertson from Winchester. Temperatures were forecasted to be below average and DeerCast was calling for “Great” hunting.

The gang spent Friday afternoon on the range ensuring their rifles were zeroed. Despite the frigid temps and wind, their groups were tight. Courtesy of Jason, they were also treated to a sneak peek at a brand new, top secret load Winchester will be revealing at SHOT Show in 2019.

With a delicious venison dinner in their bellies and anticipation running high for the following morning, folks filtered off to bed.  

Matt was paired up with buddy and DOD long-timer Chris Comstock for the weekend. The two had a great Saturday, seeing plenty of action, including some mature bucks in the green field.

One of the bucks Matt was after was nicknamed “Kevin,” an homage to the Minion character from the movie Despicable Me. Matt had a previous encounter with this mature buck while hunting with his son Cameron…who was too busy watching Despicable Me 3 on a tablet in the blind to be bothered by an incoming shooter buck.

Deer started moving around 9:00 am with activity increasing around 10:00. At 11:30, the familiar form of Kevin appeared at 200 yards. A quick glass revealed his signature split brow tines.

In an effort to draw him in for a better shot, Matt threw out some grunts, a snort wheeze, some rattling, but it wasn’t until a rip growl/snort wheeze combo that Kevin finally took notice and began closing the distance.

20 yards closer, but not seeing the challenger buck he thought he heard, "Kevin" wasn’t liking what he wasn’t seeing. Preparing to leave, the buck turned, giving Matt a slightly quartering-to shot at approximately 170 yards. The crack of the rifle thundered across the field as the buck shuddered from the impact and ran off. Concerned the shot was a little back, they gave him some time before recovering him at the end of a 250-yard trail.

Opening weekend had been a big hit. The food, the camaraderie in camp, the successes in the field (Matt’s nephew Nolan and Jason Gilbertson were among the other hunters who killed too) made for another great and memorable Missouri opener.

Gear Used:

Tenzing Pack

Leupold Optics

Muddy blind

Reconyx Trail Cameras

Winchester XPR 30.06

Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact

LaCrosse AlphaBurlyPro

Mossy Oak BioLogic

Nomad Apparel

Outdoor Edge knives

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief