November 12: Brian Wiese


Brian Wiese placed Buffalo Sam on his hit list, because of the Nebraska 9-pointer’s aggressive demeanor. It bullied bucks with much larger bodies and racks.

Brian begn an incredible saga with a buck in 2017 his wife aptly named Buffalo Sam. He had purchased a 42-acre farm with an 800-acre lease attached. Brian immediatley went to work to create a sweet food plot system, which deer could not resist.

“I actually began hunting a big 5x5, a 160-class buck soon after I bought the farm, “Wiese said. “I called that big boy Charlie Brown. I had him on trail cameras, but every time I went to hunt him, another really aggressvie buck showed up. It was smaller body wise and had a smaller rack, too, than other bucks coming into the food plot. It had the body of a 3-year-old and the demeanor of a 7-year-old. I quickly decided I would take that bully buck with my bow, if the opportunity presented itself.”

Wiese had several encounters with Buffalo Sam in 2017, both early season and during rifle season. “Once again, I was hunting a much larger deer,” he said. “But it didn’t show itself much, while Bufflo Sam always seemed to be in the food plot.”

In 2018 Wiese planted a new food plot specifically for a very large deer. As luck would have it, the big target buck never entered the food plot. Buffalo Sam showed up all summer and all season long. Only one deer larger than Sam showed up in the plot all season. “I soon learned that Buffalo Sam intimidated other bucks with his aggresive nature,”  Brian said.

Brian’s second stand sit in October of 2018 found him at the edge of his new 6-acre food plot, which consisted of 4-acres of standing beans, BioLogic, and corn which screened deer and made them feel comfortable. He also planted a strip of radishes and sugar beets to dictate where he wanted deer to come to inside the plot.

“The first time Cody Sirek and I hunted the plot, the deer did not use the plot the way we had hoped,” Wiese said. “After the hunt, we checked it out, and realized that the beans and plot were so thick the deer did not travel  and exit the plot the way we intended. So, we came back in with a mower and mowed right along our green walk area where we wanted the deer to travel. Next, we brought in a scrape tree, and buried it in the ground, again to get the deer to use the plot the way we wanted.”

The first night Wiese returned to the plot, which was 5 days later, he had an encounter with Buffalo Sam.  “He came in exactly the way I wanted him to use the plot,” Wiese said. “He came into the corner of the plot, which we can only hunt on a north wind. We can access our blind without a deer ever knowing we are there.”

“Buffalo Sam came out on the northeast corner of the plot and worked his way towards us on the southwest corner,” Wiese said.”He took twenty minutes to cover the distance. When he reached 60-yards, coyotes began howling, which usually is not a big deal. That day, however, deer started scattering eveywhere. Buffalo Sam ran across in front of us at 25 yards and stopped at 40 yards.”

Wiese had to shoot out of a different window and missed. “I shot high, because I rushed the shot,” he said.

Brian hunted the plot one more time, before November 12, without seeing Buffalo Sam. “We had not checked cameras,” he said, “but we knew with the high pressure and north wind, that does would be wanting to feed. We had the only standing food in the area, and the deer had to cross our plot to get to the destination field. We knew it was going to be a dynamite spot.”

Because it was the Nebraska firearms season, Brian and Cody brought along the crossbow as well, just in case  Buffalo Sam offered an archery shot. They entered the blind an hour and a half prior to first light. The day dawned cold and windy. As skies cleared later in the morning, deer activity began to pick up all day long. The guys saw several cruising bucks, but nothing they wanted to shoot.

An hour before shooting light began to fail, Wiese spotted Buffalo Sam coming from the destiantion field past their blind, which was totally unexpected. “We spotted him at 300 hundred yards,” Wiese said. “I had the rifle in my hands. We started doe bleating and grunting at him. Twenty minutes later he came into the food plot where we expected deer to leave, on the back side of the plot. I exchanged the rifle for the crossbow.”

When Buffalo Sam came into range at 25-yards, Brian double lunged him with the crossbow. “ The buck went ten steps and died within five yards of the spot where I missed him.

The long saga with Buffalo Sam had come to an end. Now Brian wonders what kind of big bucks will show up in his incredible food plot, now that Sam the aggressor is out of the picture. 

Gear Used:

PSE Fang Cossbow

LaCrosse Footwear

Outdoor Edge Knives

Nomad Clothing

Mossy Oak Camouflage

Scent Crusher Scent Control

Rage Broadhead

Leoupold Optics

Muddy Bull Blind

Anilogics Summer Supplement


Mossy Oak Biologic

- Bill Cooper