Lee Novotny has been chomping at the bit to hunt a stand since opening day.

With the unfavorable Kansas winds and weather, he wisely chose to stay out of the area. It was tough to resist, especially since he had two good shooter bucks on camera. Lee knew it would be worth the wait if he could be patient until the conditions were right.

“The wind was just about good enough to get in there,” Lee said with a smile “so we took a calculated risk and counted on a little bit of luck”

About an hour and a half before dark a big shooter emerged into view. He walked through a field of winter wheat and then along the edge of a creek before heading north out of sight.

Lee and Eric watched a few does and young buck in front of them in the south end of the field. With half an hour of shooting light left, the non-typical buck came walking back from the north. The mature buck walked 300 yards down a wide-open field to the south end where he postured up and sparred with the smaller buck. He walked the gauntlet and came right down the main trail on the upwind side stopping 30 yards from Lee's stand.

Lee drew back and as he released his arrow, the buck turned. The shot looked good but the tough old buck stood unfazed. They could see the deer bleeding but the tough grizzled buck was still posturing to intimidate the smaller buck.

The big buck took a few steps giving Lee another clear shot at 40 yards. Lee took aim again and the second shot found its mark. The buck ran 20 yards and tipped over.

This tough old 170-inch non typical buck with lots of kickers proved to Lee that patience pays off.

While the conditions may not always be optimal, being patient for the best time to sneak into your honey hole is critical. But saying a prayer and having a little luck on your side never hurts!

Gear Used:

PSE Decree

NOMAD apparel

Leupold optics

Reconyx trail cams

Rage broadheads

Scent Crusher

- Dr. Brooks Tiller