November 7: Kasey Morgan


One of the true marks of a whitetail hunter is their attentiveness to the age structure of their herd.

Which is why Kasey intentionally opted to pass on bucks with bigger racks and instead, took a seven-and-a-half year old buck aptly nicknamed “Old School.” While not an aesthetic trophy, the buck is a testament to Kasey’s commitment to herd health.

He and DOD team member Greg Glesinger were hunting Greg’s Kansas property in a blind overlooking a brassica field on November 7th. All ages of bucks filtered in and out of the field scent checking the does feeding there to see which were coming into estrus.

Old School made his way in later that evening to do the same doe inventory. On his rounds, he made the mistake of walking past the blind where Kasey and Greg were waiting and watching.

Walking broadside from left to right, Old School needed to be stopped before Kasey would take the shot. He held at full draw until the buck finally paused and looked directly at them. In that instant, Kasey executed the shot sending a complete pass through arrow in and out of both lungs.

Old School turned and ran directly away from them and into the CRP. He fell over on camera just before entering the privacy of the timber.

Kasey’s first Kansas buck won’t likely win any beauty contests, but Old School was an old buck with genetics that needed to be removed from the herd. Kasey was just the guy to get that done.

Gear Used:

Rage broadheads

PSE Stealth Carbon Air     

Nomad apparel

Outdoor Edge Razor Blaze

Leupold optics

Mossy Oak BioLogic brassica

Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief