Kenny Bevans

Hometown: Yorktown, IN

Education: Ball State University

Occupation: MRI Technologist

Interests: Hunting, Hunting Videography and Nature Time Lapses

Animal Specialties: Whitetail Deer, Turkey and Predators

Thanks to a loving and passionate hunting family, I was introduced to the outdoors and hunting at a very young age. From that initial encounter through this very day, hunting and the outdoors has consumed me. 

After watching an early Drury Outdoors VHS tape another passion was born. Filming hunts harvesting whitetails was solidly implanted into my brain. From originally picking up my Dad's VHS Camcorder, the size of a small car, to grabbing today's top cameras, filming became an addiction. In 2007 I ran into an old friend, James Mugrage, who had also been bitten by the DOD bug. Our long and exciting journey towards fulfilling our Drury Outdoors dream began that day. 

Shooting time lapses and B-roll, working on food plots and habitat improvement seems to occupy the rest of my free time. Special thanks to former DOD team member Ben Rising for introducing us to the Drury Outdoors family.