Scott Manifold

Hunting Partner: Tom Ware, Mike Klemmenson

Hometown: Leon, Iowa

Spouse: Angela Manifold

Children: Jasper & Jessariah

Education: Two Journeyman's cards from Jackson College

Occupation: Small Business Owner

Interests: God, Family and Friends, the outdoors, trying to outsmart Whitetails.

Animal Specialties: Whitetail, Mule Deer and Elk.

My father’s passion for hunting Pheasants and Quail behind our Brittany Spaniel fueled my desire to be a hunter. When a childhood friend of mine let me shoot his Bear whitetail compound bow, I was hooked immediately! My father then took me to get my first bow, a Jennings Forked Lightening, that summer.

I grew up in Southern Michigan, so we had deer, and I had a bow. Only problem was Dad wasn’t really a deer hunter; so a good friend and I decided to enroll in the school of hard knocks. Sometimes that’s the best teacher. By the time I hit 15 that fall in 1982, I had arrowed my first deer, a yearling doe, and I never forget how that made me feel. I seek out that feeling each and every fall.

For many years I had dreamt of hunting Pike county Illinois for a big buck. Finally, after years of being in business for myself, I was allowed to do just that. Since I wanted to go with the best, I contacted Tom Ware of Bucks Beware Outfitters. I didn’t harvest a buck on that hunt; but, I came away with something much better, a friend for life. Since that trip to Illinois, I’ve spent several years hunting with good friend, Tom Ware.

Teaching my young sons to hunt and fish many of Gods creatures made indelible memories for which I will always be grateful.  Though they are grown, I still look forward to sharing the fields and the lakes with them for years to come.

I am Blessed that my business has now allowed me to move to Iowa and buy 212 acres of beautiful Iowa farmland. I can now pursue my passion with my fellow Drury Outdoors team mates, Tom Ware and Mike Klemmenson. 

October 2017

Location: Iowa
Animal: Whitetail 162 3/8

January 2017

Location: Iowa
Weapon: PSE EVO 7
Animal: 141 3/8" Whitetail

December 2016

Location: Iowa
Weapon: Traditions Vortex Strikerfire Muzzleloader
Animal: 160 1/8" Whitetail

November 2016

Location: Iowa
Weapon: PSE Evo 7
Animal: 141" Whitetail

January 2016

Location: Iowa
Weapon: Traditions Muzzleloader
Animal: 132 1/8" Whitetail

November 2015

Location: Illinois
Weapon: PSE EVO 7
Animal: 157 2/8" Whitetail

October 2015

Location: Missouri
Weapon: PSE EVO
Animal: 145 6/8" Whitetail