James Mugrage

Hometown: Muncie, Indiana

Spouse: Christi Mugrage

Children: Sydnie & Keaton

Education: Associates Degree in Applied Science of Construction Technology & Journeyman's Certificate from United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America.

Occupation: Owner of KJ Bean Construction & Madison St. Hair Studio.

Interests: Spending time with family and friends, Hunting, Boating, Fishing, and Everything Outdoors

Animal Specialties: Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Predators

I cut my hunting teeth around the age of 12 on the farms of Indiana with my father, grandfather, and uncles on our annual deer hunting trips. I harvested my first deer with a muzzleloader that my father and I built ourselves. From that very moment, a fire was lit to learn about and pursue whitetails. I traded my 22 rifle in for a PSE compound bow and the game was on.  

In 1989 I saw my first hunting video (Drury Outdoors) and set out to video my own hunts. I have been filming my hunting adventures ever sense.  I teamed up with good friend Kenny Bevans in 2007 and we began perfecting our craft of filming all our hunts. What I love about filming is getting to experience and capture those special moments when everything comes together. Harvesting not only the animal you pursue but capturing those memories shared with good friends and family.

My son Keaton has now been bitten by that same bug of chasing whitetails. Keaton harvested his largest whitetail last year and that is one hunt we both won’t soon forget. I feel blessed to enjoy the great outdoors and blessed to be a part of the DOD family.

November 2015

Location: Indiana
Weapon: Traditions 50 cal. muzzle loader
Animal: Whitetail