November 6: Dawn Jensen


Sasky, although living in southern Iowa, looks like he belongs in the Canadian wilderness.

The mature 10 point with a mainframe eight and little G4’s on each side, has had Dawn Jensen chasing him all season.

With the wind up and the DeerCast showing it to be a great day, Dawn opted for a bean field in the bottoms. Even though she did not have any photos of Sasky there, she knew it was better to hunt the weather than to chase a mature buck.

Soon after settling into the blind, several does came out to graze on the beans. While watching the does, her cameraman pointed out a small buck coming into the far end of the field. Dawn took one look through her binoculars and knew it was not a small buck. As Dawn studied him, she realized it was not Sasky, but another mature shooter. A giant surprise that she had never seen or captured on camera.

The giant surprise buck began running does around the field. He pushed a few does out of the field and followed in hot pursuit. About 10 minutes later, Dawn spotted movement as he made his way back to the field. Once again, he started acting like a fool pushing does around the field until disappearing out of sight behind a few running does.

With the sun setting, Dawn thought her chance at the big surprise buck was vanishing into the fast approaching darkness when the mature 9 point came back and headed straight for the remaining does in the bean field. When he pushed them out, Dawn expected him to follow but he gave her one more surprise. Now as the lone deer left in view, he began working a scrape line on the far edge of the square shaped field.

Dawn gave a grunt and the buck turned and began walking the edge towards the blind. He stopped to work a scrape 10 yards in front of the blind. While the cameraman could see, Dawn could not get a good shot.

After freshening up the scrape, the mature surprise nine point turned to leave the field. Dawn let out a light grunt causing the buck to stop quartering away at 20 yards. She steadied her 20 yard pin and released her arrow. The deer ran out of the field piling up 60 yards away where Dawn was able to recover the five-year-old surprise nine point buck.

Sometimes we hunt a specific deer hard instead of hunting the weather and the situation. When we play it smart and trust our gut, we just might get an opportunity at a surprise giant.

Gear used:

Nomad apparel

PSE Evolve

Rage Hypodermic

Leupold optics

Scent Crusher

Tenzing packs

- Dr. Brooks Tiller