November 5: Eric Bothun


Scouting Kansas in mid-October, Eric Bothun was walking some creek bottoms and found a great funnel in a fence line running east to west crossing a river that flowed north to south.

Hanging a set on this fence line looked to provide a prime spot for a shot as deer would stage here before entering a winter wheat field.

Cameras soon began capturing photos of a main-frame 10 with several extra kickers coming in the area occasionally. But when he began showing up with regularity, Eric knew it was time to slide into the stand.

Eric and Lee Novotny, with camera in tow, parked the buggy by the road next to a five-acre milo field before easing into the stand for an afternoon hunt.

Soon they were watching some does across the creek as they began feeding in a CRP field. When the does began looking to the west back toward the buggy, Eric used his binoculars to examine what had captured their attention. To his surprise, the big shooter he was after had been bedded in the milo field across the road and was headed toward them. “I would have never guessed a deer would come from that direction,” Eric said.

The big buck crossed the road 20 yards from the buggy and was heading right toward the stand. The big buck closed the distance as if drawn on a string and offered a 25-yard shot.

Eric took aim and although it looked like a great shot they decided to back out until the morning to track. After a quick track of 300 yards in the morning light, Eric was able to put his hands on the old massive 190-inch mainframe 10 with well over 15 inches of extra scoreable points.

Using trail cameras, Eric was able to keep an eye on his target bucks movement. He was able to move in at the optimal time and hit the target with his target buck.

Gear Used:

PSE Stealth Carbon Air

NOMAD apparel

Leupold optics

Reconyx trail cameras

Rage broadheads