November 4: Macy O'Dell


Between work, family, and hunting, there just never seems to be enough time to go around.

That’s why John made the time to get out with his daughter Macy in south Texas.

Macy is about as passionate about hunting as a young lady can be…and she’s got the harvests to prove it. But it’s not easy for Dad and DOD team member John O’Dell to get the time to take her out. When the two of them coordinated on a south Texas hunt, the whitetails were in trouble.

DeerCast was forecasting “Great” for their trip, and the deer movement backed that up. They had no shortage of encounters, just no real shot opportunities until the very last day.  

That morning the biggest eight-pointer of Macy’s young bowhunting life finally fed to within 22 yards of their blind. John kept the deer in frame on the camera and Macy centered the cross hairs of her crossbow scope just behind the buck’s near shoulder.

She patiently waited until he turned more broadside to make the shot. Once he did, she fired the bolt right on the mark, hitting the eight-pointer square in the heart.

The buck managed a 60-yard run leaving a massive blood trail in his wake. It was all hugs and high fives in the blind at that point. Macy had downed the biggest eight-pointer of her career and John managed to find the time to make it happen.  

Gear Used:

PSE Thrive 365 crossbow

Muddy blind

Rage broadheads

Nomad apparel

LaCrosse boots

Leupold optics

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief