November 3: Kasey Morgan


Just because DeerCast only says “OK,” don’t let that stop you from hunting.

If you’ve got the time, especially during this time of year as the rut is picking up, anything can happen. Kasey’s Missouri hunt was forecasted to be “OK” with a stalled-out front hanging gray and drizzly overhead. The deer movement mirrored the forecast.

Kasey and Greg entered their elevated blind overlooking a food plot during the afternoon and maintained the vigil even as the sun approached the horizon. Some does filtered in and out of the field, but things didn’t get interesting until 45 minutes left of shooting light.

Following the cedars adjacent to the field, a mature buck had begun working his way in to inspect a decoy Kasey had setup in front of the blind. With his attention solely on the false intruder, the buck got within just 15 yards of Kasey.

Kasey came to full draw as the buck stood almost broadside. His arrow landed just behind the shoulder as the buck spun to make its retreat.  The deer disappeared behind the cedars so the guys decided to give him some time and do the recovery in the morning.

The waiting was an unnecessary precaution as the buck had keeled over just 20 yards from when the guys lost the visual.

Kasey’s "OK" day turned out to be great, and all it took was one particular deer showing up to the decoy.

Gear Used:

PSE Stealth Carbon Air

Rage broadheads

Leupold optics

Nomad apparel

IQ bow sight

LaCrosse boots

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief