Lee Novotny

Hunting Partner: Eric Bothun

Hometown: Chatfield, Minnesota

Education: Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration

Occupation: Attorney

Interests: Enjoying the outdoors, friends and family

Animal Specialties: Whitetail deer

I started going hunting with my father and brothers at a young age.  I remember loving just being able to go along even if I wasn't old enough to hunt.  Over the years, my passion grew.  While I was in college I would travel to Iowa to film Eric before I was a DOD member. 

I discovered filming to be just about as fun as hunting.  After college I went to law school in Virginia and didn't have as much time to hunt.  Upon moving back to Chatfield, Minnesota after graduation, Eric and I started filming together and we now spend over 50 days a year hunting together.  I thank Eric for bringing me in and the Drury's for the allowing me the privilege of being part of the team. 

December 2012

Location: Minnesota
Weapon: PSE Dream Season EVO
Animal: 135" Whitetail

August 2012

Location: North Dakota
Weapon: PSE Dream Season EVO
Animal: 136" Whitetail

December 2010

Location: Kansas
Weapon: PSE X-Force GX
Animal: 192 4/8" Whitetail

December 2010

Location: Minnesota
Weapon: PSE
Animal: 145" Whitetail

September 2009

Location: Minnesota
Weapon: PSE Dream Season GX
Animal: 138" Whitetail