On the evening of October 30th, 2018, Greg Glesinger was at full draw staring through his peep at a 239-inch whitetail.

In thirty years of Drury Outdoors history, never before has a buck so massive been taken.

Greg had been keeping tabs on his trail cams at his Iowa farm and this July, began seeing images of a massive buck that would clearly tip over the double-century mark. Having come off an incredible 2017/2018 season where he had killed a 203 2/8, Greg really didn’t think he had a shot at putting another buck of a lifetime down. That didn’t stop him from giving the deer a name though. With all the extra points, kickers, stickers, and a dropper for good measure, Greg dubbed him, “Extra Innings.”

Though the property was canvassed with cameras, Extra Innings was only showing on one, helping Greg dial in on his home range and create a plan to get in close.

DeerCast showed an “OK” forecast for October 30th. The day would bring the first wind from the north after a series of souths…the perfect wind for a sit in a blind in the buck’s core.

Greg and cameraman Kasey climbed up into the blind not knowing exactly what the evening would bring. Not long into their sit, emerging from the timber to freshen a scrape in the presence of some does, Extra Innings arrived on the scene. Walking through the brown grasses his hulking frame and rack were contrasted by the dark cedars.

With does to his left and Extra Innings to his right, Greg watched in awe as this buck checked the wind, mouth hanging open in search of a doe in heat. Just under 50 yards out, Greg was tempted to take the shot, but he exercised patience waiting for a closer shot.

His patience paid off as Extra Innings continued on towards the does and within 31 yards of the blind. With the buck of multiple lifetimes now in his peep sight, Greg held his 30 yard pin just behind the front shoulder and executed the shot.

The arrow hit exactly where he aimed and zipped out the other side. Extra Innings made a mad dash tumbling over after 80 yards. Greg was in disbelief as he approached the downed giant and began inspecting the character in the buck’s rack. There was so much to appreciate it was almost overwhelming to sit and take it in.

Mark, Terry, and crew joined Greg to see the deer for themselves that night. Greg pulled out a matching set of sheds from the previous season that were in the 180s, thinking they might belong to Extra Innings…but that’s a far cry from 239 inches in just one year. Mark noted an injury on one hoof and hypothesized that perhaps the buck was injured last year, never reaching its full potential and topped out in the 180s. Maybe it should have been much bigger last year.

We’ll never know the answer for sure, but we do know that for Greg, and the entire Drury Outdoors family, Extra Innings is a buck that will never be forgotten.

Gear Used:

PSE Carbon Stealth

Rage Broadhead

Leupold optics

Reconyx trail cameras

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief