October 30: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon


Coon Dog is starting his retirement out right, chasing what makes him happy in Oklahoma.

Admittedly, Coon Dog gets just as excited about a 200-inch buck as he does one in the 130s. The man just loves deer hunting…like a lot of us. When he received and invitation to muzzleloader hunt with Bailey’s Outdoor Outfitting in Oklahoma, Dog gladly obliged him. Newly retired and on Grandpa duty, Coon Dog had the time to make the drive.

Conditions to start the three-day hunt were far from ideal. High temps in the mid-80s and 30 mph winds had driven the deer away that Rob had been seeing on camera. Hunting in short sleeves in the blind because of the heat and only seeing a few small bucks and does, Coon Dog and Jeb decided it was time for a new game plan.

Their scouting of the property led them to a soybean field that had almost completely dried up. One small section was still lush and green however and was tore up with deer sign, including over 10 scrapes that continued to be refreshed.

Jeb knew the bucks were coming out in one of two places, so they guys deployed and brushed in a Muddy blind in a location that would split the difference.

After another unsuccessful hunt in his original location, Coon Dog went back for a morning hunt out of the blind over the ripe soybeans. At 7:30, two bucks stepped out into the field and took about 15 minutes to work their way down to 90 yards.   

Coon Dog found his target buck in the reticle of the scope and began applying pressure to the trigger. A white cloud and a rumble of thunder roared out from the barrel as the buck sprinted 50 yards to a fenceline where he paused, hopped the fence, then fell over.

Coon Dog has quite a history of harvesting deer in his lifetime, each one bringing him as much joy as the last. This Oklahoma buck was the very first of his retirement from law enforcement, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Gear Used:

Traditions muzzleloader

Tenzing backpack

Leupold optics

Muddy blind

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief