October 28: Kyle Layne Robinson


It’s had to turn your nose up at hunting when the results taste so good.

October 27th was a big day for Kyle Robinson, wife of Mark’s cameraman Wade. She was in the blind hoping to score her first archery buck and her sister Reagan had traveled to join her. Reagan is not (currently) a hunter but was curious about the whole process.

The afternoon shone bright with a crisp blue sky as the fall leaves danced fiery in the light breeze. Kyle, Wade, and Reagan got settled and watched as a few does fed around the food plot.

Kyle took every opportunity to explain to her sister what they were doing and why they did it. To a non-hunter tagging along on a deer hunt, there’s a lot that can be confusing. Anticipation ran high and they enjoyed each other’s company, and the chance to do some wildlife watching.

A bit later, ahead and off to their right, a mature buck stepped out and began making a scrape. It was a shooter Mark was familiar with from trail cam pics. Things just got interesting.

With her bow now in hand and tension running high, Kyle watched as the buck sauntered over to the other side of the field to make yet another scrape. He was just beyond Kyle’s bow range at 47 yards.

Once done with the scrape, the buck turned his attention to the does feeding in the field and began nudging them around. They weren’t interested and after bounding multiple directions, finally left the field and Kyle’s buck turned his attention to feeding.

Wade got a distance on the deer at 27 yards. That was enough for Kyle to go into action to make her shot. Though a little back from her intended point of impact, the shot was still a good one and the buck was recovered in the timber 250 yards later.

Reagan was fortunate to see a completed hunt, but the experience wasn’t over. Kyle prepared the tenderloins for lunch the next day to rave reviews. It’s just a hunch, but we think Reagan will be back in a blind sometime soon.

Gear Used:

PSE Premonition

Rage SS

Leupold optics

Reconyx trail cameras

Scent Crusher Field Spray

Mossy Oak BioLogic

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief