October 25: Mark Drury


Mark’s target deer was more like a ghost on his 80 acre Iowa parcel. When the buck known as “The One” began showing up regularly on a scrape, it was go time.

With pictures going all the way back to two and a half years old, Mark was more than familiar with this deer. He was also amazed by him. Mark’s parcel was relatively small, and there were neighbors on all four sides. The odds of him surviving to maturity seemed small, but he showed up during the summer of 2018 in trail cam pictures at five years old and easily in the upper 180s. He would be The One for this deer season.

On a late October sit in The One’s area, on the way out of the blind, Mark stopped to check a card on a scrape tree. Those pictures revealed that Mark’s buck had visited the scrape just after dark on October 18, 21, and 23. In Phase Four (Pre-Lock), Mark knew this deer was going to start daylighting any day coming to check on does frequenting the field.

With the right (though light) wind and an “OK” DeerCast on October 25th, Mark and Taylor made preparations for an evening sit near The One’s scrape.  After running through their scent management routine (laundering camo, showers, ozone, scent spray) they checked the DeerCast once more. It leveled up from “OK” to “Good” due to a bump in the pressure…but the wind had changed and was now coming from out of the north, not good for their blind.

“We’re going anyways.” Mark proclaimed.  

Headed out to the blind, before exiting the truck, Mark turned to Taylor and said, “This is going to be the fastest access to the blind ever.”


“We’re gonna run to get there.”

The hustle was to minimize their scent profile left in the field. The two left the truck and jogged 200 yards through a field of tall beans and entered their blind. With the sketchy wind, they agreed that if a deer blew them, they’d call it quits. With the blind windows up and another round of spraying down, they began the hunt.

Some does began feeding into the field and through Mark and Taylor’s wind without a reaction. Things were looking good until a few started getting froggy, heads bobbing and tails flickering attempting to determine just what it was that was off. They couldn’t figure it out, then settled down and resumed feeding.

At 6:10 pm, Taylor looked out and saw The One for the first time. Neither her nor Mark had ever actually laid eyes on him. There was no mistaking it after Mark glassed him with the binos. He had daylighted just as Mark predicted.  

The One walked over to his scrape and began working it until he paused. That wrong wind tensed him up, but the comprehensive scent management was enough to ultimately drop his guard and move on to the scrape tree, just 20 yards from the blind.

As the buck approached, Mark turned his focus to getting his window open for a shot. With that task complete, he looked out to see the buck now facing him dead on, with a bad wind and no shot. Mark’s broadhead trembled from the mix of nerves and excitement. Would he get busted?

He might have, had those previous does not continued feeding behind the blind. Even so, after a two-minute face off, The One decided he just didn’t like something and turned to leave. That was all the opportunity Mark needed to make the 22 yard, double-lung shot. The buck that had been so elusive and so likely to be taken out on another property, was making his last run. 140 yards later he was down and Mark was able to appreciate all 187 2/8 inches of him thanks to MRI, some serious scent control, and a little hustle.  

Gear Used:

PSE Carbon Stealth

Rage Extreme 2.3

Leupold optics

Muddy Bull blind

Muddy Swivel-Ease seat

Reconyx trail cameras

Scent Crusher Hunter’s Closet

Scent Crusher Laundry Detergent

Scent Crusher Field Spray

Scent Crusher Hair and Body Wash

- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief