When a reclusive six-and-a-half-year-old Iowa whitetail starts showing up in daylight pictures, you drop everything and work a plan to get within bowrange.

Which is exactly what Taylor and team did.

This 180s-class buck had been fringing onto Mark’s Iowa farm since he was just two and half years old, but rarely ever on camera during daylight. On October 21st, the Reconyx trail cam painted a new picture of this buck, one that put him on his feet in the evening during shooting light for three out of the previous five nights.

Of all the shooters on his farm, Mark put the odds of killing this deer this year at 25%. He was a low-percentage buck, but this new MRI quickly changed those odds.

Quickly, Taylor, Mark, Wade, and Will pulled together a plan to hang a double Muddy set near the buck’s bedroom. They waited until the wind was right around 10:00 am on Monday morning and the crew went to work. After the stands were hung, they retreated to the house and got to work on scent management.

Knowing the winds would be light and variable that evening, and their proximity to the buck’s bed, they washed their Nomad camo in Scent Crusher detergent, showered using the Copper Hair & Body Wash, finished off their gear and camo with Scent Crusher ozone, and packed infield ozone generating units.

The hunt began around 4:00 pm and started out with great deer movement, though the stillness of the air kept the deer on edge and handcuffed Tay from making much movement. When there was a breeze, it was never consistent and though some does did protest a bit, they continued to come to the alfalfa field regardless.

Just after 6:00 pm Taylor’s heart skipped a beat. Her buck materialized in the darkening timber just 65 yards away browsing on acorns. A quick scan with his Leupold binos and Wade confirmed it. The biggest archery buck of Taylor’s life was on the scene.

But the does were still thick and still on edge. In fact, as Taylor was shifting to prepare for a shot as her buck approached, a doe caught her movement, blew and began trotting away with her white flag up…not the thing you want to happen as you’re anticipating a monster buck.

After pausing and being unable to detect any imminent threat, Taylor’s buck kept coming. Finally, with her buck at 22 yards, Taylor came to full draw on her PSE Stealth Carbon Air and held her 20 yard pin on the buck.

Her Rage-tipped arrow hit home sending the deer barreling through the alfalfa and out of frame for Wade’s camera. Remember the team we referenced earlier? Will was posted up 300 yards away rolling footage of both the kill, and the deer as he ran off into the field and tipped over. The biggest deer of Taylor’s life was down within 60 yards, and she could finally celebrate with some buck-fever-induced hyperventilating.

From Mark’s homework, everyone’s efforts hanging the stand, Tay’s shot execution, Wade’s in-the-tree footage, to Will’s remote camera angle, this 185 6/8-inch buck was a team effort.

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- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief