The O’Dell boys wrapped up their south Texas bowhunting adventure despite weather spinning off a hurricane.

Back with their bowhunting extended family at SOE Hunts, John and Jacob quickly reconnected with Mike and (Uncle) Randy and discussed a game plan for their hunt. They’d set up in a ground blind in an area where a couple mainframe tens were frequenting.

With Hurricane Willa bearing down on the western coast of Mexico, a light, but steady rain associated with a front caused them to head to the blind early, around 2:00 pm. DeerCast was showing a “Great” forecast, so they snuck into the blind with high expectations.

Does and yearlings began entering the field around 3:00 pm and while Jacob was filming a doe, a deep cough off to the side of the blind alerted the guys that a buck was on its way in. Jacob quickly switched modes on the camera and repositioned himself.

Soon, two mainframe tens came into view, one with extra junk and the other, with a symmetrical rack. The Leupold rangefinder read 22 yards when John came to full draw with his PSE Carbon Stealth on the buck with the flyers. His Rage punched cleanly through the deer’s vitals allowing for a quick 70 dash before the five-and-a-half-year-old buck fell. The blood trail was evident despite the steady rain.

John’s deer scored an impressive 171 6/8 inches and became another great memory to add to their collection from SOE Hunts, their top one being Suzy’s 204 monster with Randy.

Want to see video of the actual shot? Head on over to the DODTV section of DeerCast and find it under the “DeerCast NOW” show title.

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