October 21: Steve Frantz


Traveling to hunt another state adds another layer of complexity to the already difficult task of killing a mature whitetail.

But Steve Frantz isn’t worried about putting in the hard work to make it happen.

Back again with his buddy Branden at Brute Buck Outfitters in Kentucky on a farm only recently acquired, Steve had done his homework and studied the property via aerial maps. Through his homework, he had identified three locations for his Muddy stands that could be hunted in various winds.

Three bucks were on Steve’s list via his Reconyx scouting. Mid-October seems to be the time when new bucks begin popping up on this property, which was the case with these deer.

The hunt started on Saturday but without any shots fired.  Sunday showed a "Great" DeerCast and would be completely different from Saturday. 251 shots were fired on that day, 250 of them from a someone on an adjacent property on their private gun range, 1 of them from Steve’s Traditions muzzleloader.

After a quick call to the neighboring landowner, the gunfire ceased and five minutes later, one of Steve’s target bucks, a deer named “Holy Brow” materialized in the timber. Steve monitored the buck as he cautiously picked his way through the woods, skittish from the previous gunfire. The buck got as close as 35 yards, but in the stillness of the timber, Steve wasn’t able to confirm with Branden that he had him on camera so he didn’t take the shot.

At 60 yards, both guys were synced up and with the buck pausing quartering away, Steve dropped the hammer of his Traditions on him. Holy Brow skittered off for 50 yards before tumbling to his end.

After 20 days of hunting this season, Steve finally had a mature buck down…hopefully one of many more to come this season!

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- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief