October 22: Jacob O'Dell


Father and son team John and Jacob O’Dell continued their success streak in south Texas, though on Jacob’s hunt, there was a bonus in store.

Riding the momentum of John’s successful 160-inch whitetail from the day before, Jacob took his turn with the PSE Carbon Stealth. The guys entered their Muddy blind around 6:00 am as chilled evening air still draped the brushy landscape.

Around 8:15 am, Jacob picked up on movement and realized a mature nine-pointer was working his way toward them. He verified yardage with his Leupold rangefinder. 22 yards. Another close-in shot like his Dad’s just the day before.

At full draw with the buck standing broadside, Jacob hovered his pin on the vitals and executed his shot. The arrow struck just behind the last rib with the Rage buried more than halfway through the deer. Knowing the shot was farther back than he intended, Jacob and John pulled out of the blind to give the deer the time it needed to expire.

With some time on their hands, the guys decided to pick up the Winchester .300 Win Mag and put a stalk on a Nilgai antelope. As they stalked the Texas countryside, they encountered a good buck in the distance. Jacob ranged him at 120 yards, held the crosshairs of his Leupold scope on the buck and put a perfectly placed Winchester XP round in him.

With the antelope recovered, they went back and found Jacob’s buck. It was a great day in south Texas for the O’Dells and Jacob was able to score a bonus animal in the process!

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- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief