As a father, it’s always a little bittersweet seeing your son take on new roles as he matures.

John O’Dell and his son Jacob have been making their annual trip to south Texas since Jacob was just eight years old. Now 17, Jacob is old enough to run camera for the old man and those Texas whitetails are in for some double trouble.

Between school, work, and family, it’s always a trick carving out time to go hunting, but with a “Great” DeerCast for the weekend of October 20th, the guys hit the road the road with their archery gear. They wasted no time on Saturday and began hunting out of their Muddy ground blind early in the morning.

There were plenty of deer feeding in the knee-high grass. When this 160s class buck showed up on the scene, he caught both John and Jacob a little off-guard. They had very little time to capture footage of him prior to the shot since he was so close, and all the deer were so skittish. They had to seize the moment.

While Jacob trained the camera lens on the buck, John came to full draw on his PSE Xpedite and found the buck’s vitals as the deer stood slightly quartering away just under 20 yards off. The sound of the bow shooting was almost simultaneous with the smacking sound of the Rage Trypan zipping through the deer.

A quick 70 yard tracking job with a solid blood trail was no trouble for the O’Dell team as they recovered their buck that same morning.

The sweetness of the hunt was Jacob’s new role as a camera guy. The bitter aspect is that our kids growing up is a one-way street. We can never get that time back, so we make the most of it and appreciate the forward march of time. John’s just fortunate that Jacob’s journey growing up as a hunter has been captured on video with a corresponding trophy room.

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- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief