The third time’s a charm, right? That old saying held true for Tom Ware’s Phase Three October Lull hunt.

“BricUp” was a buck with a colored past on Tom’s Iowa farm. In 2017, team member Bric Steward had a “hiccup” and put a non-lethal shot at the then 4.5 year old deer. Tom was relieved to find that he had survived after seeing him on Reconyx trail cam pictures. Not only had BricUp made it, he blew up into a 160s-class buck. BricUp immediately became a deer of interest for the 2018 season.

DeerCast was showing a “Great” for his Iowa farm with a cold front and high pressure coming, so Scott Manifold and Tom made a beeline for Iowa. BricUp was offering daylight pictures and the guys hunted for a few days in one location with no encounters. Finally, on the last day of the hunt, they decided to hunt a different area.

Tom and Scott climbed up into their box blind with the sun high in the sky and were immediately covered up in deer. Not long into their sit, BricUp made his appearance at 200 yards walking directly toward the stand.

The guys had to do a 180 in the blind to get ready for a shot, but as the buck approached, he saw their ATV and jogged away into the edge of the timber. Tom figured the hunt was over.

A little later, some does stepped out into the beans and drew BricUps attention. The buck’s interest in the does drew him out towards them and within 20 yards of the blind. In disbelief that he was about to get a second chance at his buck, Tom came to full draw on his PSE Stealth Carbon Air and attempted to stop the buck with a “Mah.”

Instead of pausing, BricUp bolted 100 yards before stopping. The hunt had to be over…right?

Not yet…

15 minutes later in the BioLogic green plot, BricUp reappeared at 150 yards. He stayed out there browsing for a half hour until the patriarch buck nicknamed “HolyField” showed up and began posturing BricUp toward Tom in the blind.

Not wanting to tangle with the dominant buck, BricUp continued moving away from his challenger and within 28 yards of the blind. Tom took his third attempt to finally get a shot and made it count. His Rage punched into the buck sending him on a short dash into the standing beans where the buck fell over on camera.

Mature bucks rarely offer a second chance, let alone a third. Tom was the beneficiary of some incredible circumstances that put some excitement into his October Lull.

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- Tim Kjellesvik, DeerCast Editor-In-Chief