October 13: Daltyn Kramer


Father-son team Dave and Daltyn Kramer have spent countless October days on a bow stand hunting together. However, they will long remember a recent cool October day when their excitement level reached a crescendo, as they performed flawlessly to score on a good buck.

The Kramers experienced several encounters in 2016 and 2017 with a buck they dubbed Stevie Wonder, because it showed up on every trail camera they had out. They passed on Stevie two years in a row. Stevie  would be 4 1/2-years old in 2018, and the Kramers had plans.

Dave ventured to the Muddy treestand by himself and self-filmed while attempting to have a fatal encounter with Stevie Wonder, the targeted buck.  Soon a big eight-pointer walked into the BioLogic food plot at 60-yards, surrounded by 20 does. As luck would have it, the does worked their way downwind and busted Dave. Twenty flags tick-tocked their way to the brush, with the big buck in tow. Dave’s heart sank as the brown bodies faded into the woods.

The following evening both Dave and Daltyn settled into their respective stands at 3 p.m. to hunt and film. Anticpation ran high, after Dave’s stories of his big buck encounter from the previous evening.

Anticpation quickly turned into reality as the father-son team watched 13 does saunter into the food plot from different directions. Shortly, two 3 1/2-year-old bucks joined the does, raising hunter-videographer blood pressures to new levels.

Bowhunters have nerves of steel and the Kramers kept their cool as a 145-inch buck approached their hide in the trees. Dave practiced extreme self-control and passed on the buck.

Minutes later the buck parade continued. Yet another wide 8-pointer fed into the turnips in front of the bowhunters. Few stick and string guys could match the Kramer resolve to hold out for a bigger buck.

What happened next became a little more than the patient bow hunters could take, however. A eight-pointer snuck in from behind and walked right under their stand. Dave, once again, passed on taking the shot, adding more drama to their evening sit. Dave asked Daltyn if he wanted to take the shot. Daltyn obliged.

The buck fed only ten yards away. Both Kramers are big boys, each stretching the tape to 6-feet-5inches. A little movement for the two of them amounted to a little more than the average.

They successfully completed passing the PSE. Daltyn settled his pin and and sent a Rage Extreme through both lungs and down through the buck’s heart. The big buck bolted into a CRP field and out of sight.

They knew the buck was dead, but didn’t see it fall. Not wanting to bump other target bucks out of the food plot, the Kramers quietly backed out and returned at 9 a.m. the next morning. The night had been cold and they felt confident they would find their buck quickly.    

The Kramers weren’t suprprised when a perfect blood trail led them to the grand buck, only 70 yards from their stands. They were surprised, however, by discovering that the buck was not Stevie Wonder, but another mature whitetail.

We hope to soon hear of another Kramer adventure when the Stevie Wonder buck falls to this bowhunting family’s DeerCast skills.

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- Bill Cooper