Ashley called Grandpa John asking if they could, hunt but with the pouring rain, he told her it wasn’t looking good for today.

She persisted and called to ask again to hunt. John checked the weather and DeerCast and saw that there was going to be break in the rain late in the afternoon. ”Come on out to the farm and we will give it a shot.” John told Ashley.

The rain cleared and the sun broke through as John, Ashley, and her boyfriend Riley climbed into the Centerfield shooting house for the first time this year. With five shooter bucks located on the farm using the Reconyx, John was confident he could get Ashley on good buck, if she would decide to pull the trigger.

Ashley has harvested several antlerless deer during archery but has yet to shoot a buck. “She has had encounters with some good deer but especially during her early hunting opportunities, she had more excuses not to pull the trigger than carter has liver pills” John said with a laugh. “I always told her she did not have to hunt if she did not want to, but I did want her to come out and enjoy the farm. i am thankful she enjoys being on the farm as well as hunting.”

About 5:15 one of the five shooters John had marked, the first of ten deer, entered the field mixed with BioLogic Last Bite. They waited patiently for the mature 8 point to close the distance into her 50 yard shooting range but the deer seemed content to graze a little over 70 yards away.

They began to wonder if the buck would get close enough for a shot as an owl swooped by and spooked the deer as it landed. As the deer scattered, the mature 8 point ran toward the shooting house. He stopped at 30 yards but turned away from Ashley to examine the cause of the commotion. The buck then began to turn and presented Ashley with a broadside shot.

Ashley squeezed off a shot with the PSE Thrive Crossbow. A limb of the crossbow hit the the edge of the shooting house window and the arrow fell 10 yards away. The buck then continued down a ditch out of the field. John told Ashley to stay ready. The deer just seemed unsure but not frightened and would likely be back to eat before dark.

She cocked and loaded the crossbow and was ready when an old 7 point accompanied the 4.5 year old 8 point back into the field. The 8 point stopped broadside 30 yards away as Ashley sent the Rage Hypodermic for a great double lung shot.

The deer ran out of the field leaving an impressive blood trail. Less than 100 yards from the site of impact, Ashley was able to hold the 4.5 year old 8 point in her hands. She was able to celebrate the impressive 135 inch Missouri whitetail with John and Riley before the rain set in again.

John said that being able to spend time in the woods and have the opportunity to teach his kids and grandkids to hunt is a joy. And being part of their hunts is greater than any of his personal hunts. Excitedly John said “Two more grandkids, Andrew and Addy, are next up to bat during the youth season.”

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As told to Dr. Brooks Tiller.