September 28: Parker Jennings


If there was ever any doubt about Parker Jenning’s dedication to deer hunting, that can be put to rest now.

The end of September 28th is primetime for both Parker and his Dad, DOD team member Brandon Jennings in the deer woods. During the last two years, they both killed during that time in the same BioLogic Deer Radish plot. With DeerCast forecasting a solid “Great,” on the 28th, the two made plans to be in a tree in their Muddy stands.

Their plans would be wrinkled however by a car accident Parker was involved in on the evening of September 27th. Both his and the other driver’s vehicles were totaled. Okay but still sore, Parker put a few arrows through this PSE Decree in the yard afterschool on the 28th before they headed out to the field.

Clad in their Mossy Oak Nomad gear, the guys climbed up into their stands around 5:00 pm and waited, constantly scanning for movement. Before 6:00, Parker’s buck stepped out into the field from their right. The buck continued walking broadside as Parker ran a Rage 2.3 Chisel Tip through him. A frenzied dash ensued but the buck fell over in the field on camera. Check out the DeerCast NOW kill shot video over in the DODTV library. It’s episode 11.

The Jennings guys continued their streak of making late September a special time in the deer woods. This year’s hunt proves that there’s not much on Earth that will keep these guys from hunting this day.

Want to see video of the actual shot? Watch it right now, exclusively on the DeerCast app. Get DeerCast for iOS or Android.